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LEGO Chima

In yet another new release for 2013 from LEGO, we are introduced to the magical world of Chima as seen in the television cartoons. Here, you will find a number of different creatures who, while definitely not human in appearance, act and speak like you and I. The heroes of Chima are battling evil forces to protect the magical force that is the source of all life: the force of Chi. With six sets currently available to choose from, your children can help the heroes defend the Chi and save their world from the barbarians who seek to capture it for their own evil purposes.
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LEGO Chima Tigerís Mobile Command 70224
ID: 36529
LEGO Chima Icebiteís Claw Driller 70223
ID: 36528
LEGO Chima Tormakís Shadow Blazer 70222
ID: 36527
LEGO Chima Flinxís Ultimate Phoenix 70221
ID: 36526
LEGO Chima Strainorís Saber Cycle 70220
ID: 36525
LEGO Chima Lion Tribe Pack 70229
ID: 36523
LEGO Chima Ice Bear Tribe Pack 70230
ID: 36522
LEGO Chima Crocodile Tribe Pack 70231
ID: 36521
LEGO 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple
ID: 34264
LEGO 70143 Sir Fangarís Saber-tooth Walker
ID: 34261
LEGO 70142 Erisí Fire Eagle Flyer
ID: 34260
LEGO Spinlyn's Cavern 70133
ID: 33497
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 58 products)
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Legends Of Chima

This new series of sets is based on what is to become a television series as well as a Lego building blocks set. It is set in the magical kingdom known as Chima.  Here we are introduced to an extremely advanced species of creatures that think, act and speak like we do but who are in all actuality a number of different tribes made up of different animal species. Among the many tribes are Lion, Eagle, Gorilla, Raven and Rhino.

Legends of Chima Attack!

These creatures use a number of vehicles and weapons to wage war upon each other with the heroes trying to protect the life force known simply as Chi. Tribes that were once true friends are now sworn enemies. In the television series, we will see the bloodthirsty battles unfold as the sides all fight for control of a life force that can also be used as the ultimate destructive weapon. In the first two months of 2013, Lego will be releasing 16 different sets. Then throughout the year they plan to release another 21 sets, as well as a host of accessories that kids of all ages can use to recreate battles. Kids can choose to protect or steal the Chi depending on the side they choose.



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