Mr Toys Supports Hummingbird House


Despite Australia’s population of 23 million, there are only 2 children’s hospices in Australia; none are in Queensland.


Around 3700 Queensland families are living with, loving and supporting a child with a life-limiting condition. Many of these children require 24 hours a day care, a service that simply isn’t available for children in Queensland.


Hummingbird House is about to change that.


Hummingbird House, an initiative of Queensland Kids, will operate as an 8 bed, 24/7 medical facility, providing physician and nursing support, as well as pain and symptom management. Rest and relaxation breaks will be available for the entire family, as well as a caring and supportive environment. Parents will be given the opportunity for much needed rest as their child’s needs are attended to, as well as quality time to spend with their other children.

We were overwhelmed to learn that there is no dedicated children’s hospice in Queensland despite its undeniable need. As a Queensland-based family company, this really resonated with us. This is a real issue affecting real Queensland families; we wanted to find a way to help.

Mr Toys Toyworld is proud to be a strong supporter of Hummingbird House; we will provide play equipment and toys to truly make their Hummingbird House experience an enjoyable one. For these kids, their fondest memories will come from the moments of joy they are able to share with their families, something we hope to facilitate.

The effects of life limiting conditions are far-reaching and not immediately apparent. Siblings are often forced to grow up quickly as they too are involved in the vital care of the affected child. Hummingbird House focuses on the entire family and we aim to support this through our toy donations. We are keen to tangibly assist the families of these kids, because we believe a strong supportive family is integral to happiness of these children.

We understand that the whole family is affected in these difficult circumstances, and we’re just trying to give them moments of joy, fun and laughter.

But we want to do more. With your help we will strive to work with and help Hummingbird House reach its full potential and raise the funds needed to build and maintain Queensland’s only children’s hospice. You can make a donation at any Mr Toys Toyworld store or on the Hummingbird House website to help Queensland’s kids and families who need hope. All funds raised will go directly to Hummingbird House.

Paul Quilliam, Managing Director of Queensland Kids, has said that the awareness generated from this partnership will be invaluable to our Queensland families in need and that, “support from well established Queensland-based companies like Mr Toys Toyworld will play an integral role in determining how quickly the doors of the hospice will open to provide much needed care to affected Queensland families.”


Together, we can make a big difference to some great kids.

Click here to visit the Hummingbird House website if you would like to read more or make a donation:

“Hummingbird House will change our lives. More than just rest, they’ll give us the chance to go out and create special moments we’ll remember forever.”


We would like to acknowledge the following amazing organisations who are also supporting Hummingbird House: Zupps, Bank of Queensland Stafford, Otium Group, ThomsonAdsett, Uni-span, Mullins Lawyers, Blue Illusion, Full & Frank, Global Philanthropic, Concept Safety Systems, Australian Reliance, Ontex Australia, Energize Fitness 24/7, Metal By Design, Aventura 3, Nomads Brisbane and Kindy Patch Grovely.

We hope to inspire other companies to join in the support of Hummingbird House.

Please LINK this page on your website and spread the word to help this great cause.