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Give your child the opportunity to make big discoveries with Fisher-Price Little People toys, available online at Mr Toys. These toys have been delighting and entertaining kids for generations. The Little People and their friends live in a world of imagination and wonder, making discoveries and finding that learning never ends. The different playsets allow children to explore all the possible roles they might want to play when they grow up as well as teaching them important social skills such as helping, sharing, and being a good friend.

Unique personalities

Just like real kids, Little People friends are unique, each possessing their special personalities and quirks. Whether your toddler or pre-schooler is more outgoing and energetic like Eddie or quieter and more thoughtful like Mia, they can get to know their Little People friends to help them learn more about themselves and their world. As children grow and learn, they’ll discover new ways to play and endless opportunities for exploration, education, and creative discovery.

Imagination development

Imagination is something you hear a lot about when it comes to children’s toys, but what makes it such an essential part of development? When a child can use their imagination, they learn that they can think things through, make things happen, and learn what they need to know to achieve their small and large goals. Pretend play teaches creative thinking, problem-solving, and even reading comprehension later. As kids play, they have the power to transform the mundane into an unknown world to explore. They can rehearse their potential future roles and become empowered to be who they want to be. Simply put, imaginative play helps shape children and teaches skills they’ll need forever.

Skill building

When you buy Little People toys online, you give your child a way to strengthen and build their imagination – but that’s not all. Little People toys also help develop other essential skills. For example, this line of toys comes with so many props, scene-starters, and themes that kids are invited into a world of self-directed play. They’ll have some important experiences such as figuring out how things work, developing thinking and language skills, solving unexpected problems, and being in control of their world and decisions.

Buy Little People toys in Australia from Mr Toys

At Mr Toys, we offer an expansive collection of Fisher-Price Little People toys for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Explore our selection and choose some new favourites for your child or as a gift for someone else.

Along with Little People toys online, we also offer an extensive variety of toys for kids of all ages, from the classic to the trendy. Whether you’re looking for a board game for your next family game night, some cool collectable Star Wars merchandise, a challenging (or not-so-challenging) LEGO set, or just a few new Little People friends for your little one, we can help. Contact Mr Toys today to learn more.

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