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What is the history of the Avengers?. 1

When did Captain America join the Avengers. 1

How much did the Avengers Movie make at the Box Office?. 1

Who are the most popular Marvel Avengers characters?. 1

Who is Iron Man?. 1

When did Iron Man come out?. 2

Who does Iron Man fight?. 2

Who is Captain America?. 2

What are Captain America’s powers?. 2

When did Captain America join The Avengers?. 2

Who is Thor?. 2

Where does Thor get his power?. 3

What planet is Thor from?. 3

Who is the Hulk?. 3

What are the Hulk’s powers?. 3

Who does Hulk love?. 4

Who is Spider-Man?. 4

What are Spider-Man’s powers?. 4

When did Spider-Man first appear?. 4

Is Wolverine an Avenger?. 4

Who is the Black Widow?. 5

What are the Black Widow’s superpowers?. 5

What equipment does the Black Widow use?. 5

Is Black Panther in the Avengers?. 5

What does Groot do?. 5

What does Groot say?. 6

Who does the voice of Groot?. 6

Is Ant-Man in the Avengers movie?. 6

Who are the villains in the Avengers?. 6

Why is Killmonger evil?. 6

When did Ultron first appear?. 6

What are Loki’s powers?. 7

Who is Thanos?. 7

Why did Thanos love Gamora?. 7

Who is Vulture?. 8

Who is Red Skull?. 8

What are Hela’s powers?. 8

What Avengers movies are there?. 9

What is The Avengers about?. 9

What is Avengers: Infinity War about?. 9

Where to buy Avengers toys?. 10

What LEGO Avengers sets are there?. 10

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What is Hero Vision?. 11

What is the difference between Avengers and Justice League?. 11



What is the history of the Avengers?

The Avengers is a fictional team of superheroes who got their start in the American comic books created by Stan Lee and published by Marvel Comics. “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” first comprised Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, the Wasp, and Ant-Man.

When did Captain America join the Avengers

Captain America joined the squad in issue #4 after other group members discovered him trapped in ice and revived him. Different characters appear throughout the series, but one theme remains the same: The Avengers fight evil together as a formidable team of humans, Inhumans, mutants, androids, aliens, and even reformed villains.

How much did the Avengers Movie make at the Box Office?

Since capturing hearts around the world, the Avengers have appeared in a variety of non-comic-book media including numerous TV series and films. In 2012, The Avengers movie set multiple records including the one for biggest film debut in North America, grossing $207.4 million during opening weekend. Avengers: Age of Ultron followed in 2015. Avengers: Infinity War is the latest release, opening in 2018; an untitled film is planned for release in May 2019. There are also multiple movies based on individual characters such as Iron Man and the Hulk.

Who are the most popular Marvel Avengers characters?

Marvel Avengers comic books and movies include a vibrant range of characters to love, from Iron Man and Captain America to Ultron and Thanos. Each character has their own personality, powers, and their own compelling story. Some of the characters and storylines change depending on whether you’re watching Marvel films or reading the comic books, but they’re all entertaining, compelling, and always ready for action.

Who is Iron Man?

Tony Stark is a wealthy businessman and scientist who suffers a severe chest injury when villains kidnap him and try to force him to build a huge weapon. Instead, he creates the iconic Iron Man suit that saves his life and allows him to escape. He later adds unique weapons and other technology to the suit and uses it to help protect the world from evil as Iron Man.

When did Iron Man come out?

Iron Man has landed his film series beginning with the self-titled Iron Man in 2008. Iron Man 2 followed in 2010 as well as 2013’s Iron Man 3. You can create your own Iron Man adventures with our Iron Man Novelty Case, Avengers Infinity War Titan Hero Series Power FX Iron Man, or LEGO Super Heroes Thanos Ultimate Battle.

Who does Iron Man fight?

Throughout the comic books and movies, Iron Man has had his share of run-ins. In the first movie, he fights for his freedom when he creates the powered suit of armour that saves his life. In other films, shows, and comics, he goes up against an extensive roster of enemies including Black Widow, Chameleon, Doctor Doom, Inferno, Mandarin, Justin Hammer, Obadiah Stane, Ghost, Loki, and many more.

Who is Captain America?

Young Steve Rogers vowed to serve his country in any way possible, so he took a Super-Soldier serum and became a one-man army. As a symbol of liberty and freedom, Captain America has been fighting evil for over 60 years. You can re-enact your favourite scenes from the movies with your own Captain America Shield, Captain America Mask, or Nerf Assembler Gear Captain America. Or, collect the adorable Captain America Beanie Baby.

What are Captain America’s powers?

Captain America represents the peak of physical human perfection. He does not have superhuman powers, but the Super-Soldier formula enhanced his bodily functions to maximum efficiency. He has phenomenal intelligence, endurance, strength, speed, reaction time, and agility.

When did Captain America join The Avengers?

Near the end of World War II, Captain America and Bucky were attempting to stop an explosives-laden drone being launched by Baron Zemo. Unfortunately, it exploded in mid-air while Captain America was aboard. He was thrown into the North Atlantic, where he froze in the ice. It wasn’t until years later that the Avengers happened to find him drifting in a chunk of ice. They rescued him and thawed him out, and he survived and invited to join the team.

Who is Thor?

Thor is based on the Norse god of thunder, possessing the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. His hammer enables him to control the weather and fly, among other superpowers. He is a founding member of the Avengers and has appeared in each volume of the series as well as movies and merchandise such as toys, games, and apparel. Like Iron Man and Captain America, Thor has his own film series as well.

Where does Thor get his power?

Mjolnir enhances Thor’s abilities to the point that he is virtually invincible, making him impossibly strong and agile. However, he does possess some powers without Mjolnir, being naturally superhuman. Without his hammer, Thor is still the god of thunder, with natural energy manipulation abilities and more strength than the average human. Help him fight evil with LEGO Super Heroes Thor’s Weapon Quest, the Avengers Thor 12-Inch Figure, your own Thor Pop! Vinyl, or another great Thor or Avengers-themed toy.

What planet is Thor from?

Thor hails from Asgard, a small planet that the Norse gods and their ruler, Odin, call home. Roughly the size of the United States, Asgard exists in another dimensional plane. Asgard is a flat mass with its own gravitational pull; its matter is denser and stronger than that on Earth. Following the events of Ragnarok, Asgard seems to have been destroyed along with most of its Nine Worlds. However, Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) was found in Oklahoma, leading to Thor’s return. As he sought to find fellow Asgardians, he also purchased a large property and proceeded to erect Asgard on Earth, and it became a separate nation just like a foreign embassy. However, Asgard eventually became viewed as a threat to humanity, and the gods were unable to triumph in the attack that followed. Asgard ultimately crumbled and the remaining Asgardians were faced with the task of rebuilding their home.

Who is the Hulk?

Like many other characters, the Hulk has an alter-ego: Bruce Banner. Dr Bruce Banner was the victim of a gamma bomb explosion during an attempt to save a teenager’s life. As a result, he now possesses a superhuman level of physical ability. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets; in fact, his physical strength is theoretically limitless because it increases proportionally with his emotional stress level – particularly anger. The Hulk has been around a long time and has countless fans around the world. Show your love for this complex character with an angry green Hulk Out Mask, Nerf Assembler Gear Avengers Infinity War Hulk, or LEGO Duplo Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures.

What are the Hulk’s powers?

First, Bruce Banner himself possesses a higher level of intelligence than can be measured on any known test. However, when he becomes the Hulk, his consciousness becomes buried within the Hulk’s, and can only minimally influence the Hulk’s behaviour. As the Hulk, he uses his incredible strength to leap great distances, covering miles with a single jump. Once, he nearly leaped into orbit. He can run at superhuman speeds and the shockwaves he creates by slamming his hands together can send objects flying, extinguish fires, and cause deafness. He has a high resistance to physical injury and is also resistant to mind control, extreme temperatures, poisons, nuclear explosions, and disease. His organs and limbs regenerate rapidly, and he has superhuman endurance as well.

Who does Hulk love?

Deep inside his angry green exterior, the Hulk has a soft spot for Betty Ross, daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross. She met Bruce Banner in college, and the couple fell in love. Later, as Betty was assisting Bruce with the Gamma Pulse experiment, an accident led to the creation of the Hulk. Betty is unique in that the Hulk will not hurt her; in fact, he once protected her when a helicopter crashed on them. Betty has the power to calm the Hulk and help him change back into Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, in 2018, Betty was one of the victims when Thanos killed half the life in the universe with a snap of his fingers.

Who is Spider-Man?

Peter Parker, a high school student, is bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him the strength, speed, and abilities of a spider. Parker adopts the name “Spider-Man” and begins spending his time fighting evil using his new powers. He uses his abilities exclusively to help people after being taught famously that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

What are Spider-Man’s powers?

Spider-Man can cling to most surfaces and possesses superhuman strength. He is far more agile than an average human, combining his web-slinging abilities and acrobatic leaps to travel speedily from place to place. His tingly spider-sense gives him early warnings allowing him to evade most injuries and accidents.

When did Spider-Man first appear?

Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. In 2016, a collector in New York purchased a near-mint copy for over $454,000. Since his 1962 debut, Spider-Man has undergone quite a bit of legal wrangling and a few studio reboots. First portrayed onscreen by Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man was then recast with Andrew Garfield followed by Tom Holland. A little trivia: Spider-Man is indeed a Marvel character, but Sony owns the rights. Marvel and Sony had to strike a deal for Spidey to appear in Marvel movies as well as for some Marvel characters to appear in Sony’s Spider-Man films.

Is Wolverine an Avenger?

Although film buffs know that Wolverine is more commonly associated with X-Men, he has in the past teamed up with the Avengers. If you’re wondering why Wolverine doesn’t appear in the Avengers movies (so far), the answer lies in who owns the rights to which characters. As of now, Disney owns MCU Avengers while Fox owns X-Men. There is some precedent for crossover, though, so we’re excited to see what unfolds in the yet-unnamed 2019 Avengers film.

Who is the Black Widow?

Natalia “Natasha” Romanova was orphaned in a fire when she was just a child. A Soviet soldier, Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov, rescued Natasha from the inferno. He watched her closely as she grew, but soon she had attracted the attention of Soviet intelligence, and her training began. Ivan, Logan, and Captain America saved her from serving the Hand, a ninja clan. She was later recruited into the Black Widow program as an elite sleeper agent. Natasha studied to be a ballerina to cover her real job and married the champion test pilot Alexi Shostakov. His death was faked in a rocket test and Natasha’s resolve deepened; she continued her education and eventually earned the title of the Black Widow.

What are the Black Widow’s superpowers?

The Black Widow possesses numerous skills; she is a gymnast, acrobat, and aerialist capable of complex and impressive feats. An expert martial artist, she has been enhanced by biotechnology that has given her resistance to disease and ageing and an ability to heal at a superhuman rate. She is more agile than any Olympic gold medallist, able to use balance, dexterity, and flexibility with ease. She is also highly intelligent and able to mask her real emotions and manipulate her enemies when needed. This accomplished tactician, strategist, and field commander is a formidable Avengers leader.

What equipment does the Black Widow use?

The Black Widow utilises a range of equipment created by Soviet technicians and scientists. She wears unique bracelets that deliver electro-static energy blasts as well as using tear gas pellets, grappling hooks, and the Widow’s Kiss – an instant knock-out aerosol gas. Her metallic belt contains explosives and other equipment. Her outfit has micro-suction cups that allow her to cling to ceilings and walls.

Is Black Panther in the Avengers?

Yes, Black Panther (AKA T’Challa) in several Avengers movies including Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and the self-titled Black Panther. His physical attributes and senses were enhanced to superhuman levels when he consumed the heart-shaped herb. He is a brilliant scientist and strategist and has mastered all forms of unarmed combat, incorporating animal mimicry and acrobatics into his fighting style.

What does Groot do?

Groot first appeared in 1960. The sentient tree-like creature was initially an invader on a mission to capture humans for experimentation. Years later, in 2006, Groot was recreated as noble and heroic. He appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and then in Avengers: Infinity War to the delight of audiences. Groot is indeed a lovable and favourite character.

What does Groot say?

Groot is known for saying his only line over and over: “I am Groot.” However, there’s much more to his communication. Anyone who’s paying attention can see that he is saying something different each time, much like Chewbacca’s growls and roars in Star Wars all have different meanings. “Groot” is, in fact, its language, and this favourite character speaks from the heart in funny and touching ways throughout the films.

Who does the voice of Groot?

Vin Diesel perfectly portrayed Groot’s voice in the Guardians of the Galaxy films as well as Infinity War. Incidentally, Diesel performed this voice work in multiple languages for different versions of the movies.

Is Ant-Man in the Avengers movie?

No. Ant-man was originally supposed to be in The Avengers but was cut from the script by the director because there were too many characters. Ant-Man finally got his own movie in 2015.

Who are the villains in the Avengers?

Together as a team, the Avengers “fight the foes no single superhero can withstand.” Some of those foes are quite daunting indeed.

Why is Killmonger evil?

In Black Panther, Erik “Killmonger” Stevens is a US black-ops soldier seeking to overthrow T’Challa (his cousin). Killmonger has strong opinions on how the country of Wakanda should be run and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Killmonger is a complex villain full of righteous yet misguided anger.

One reason Black Panther resonated with audiences globally to become a runaway success (grossing over $738 million in the first ten days) is that it is more than a movie. It has become a cultural force, effectively shattering the myth that superhero characters written, directed, and portrayed by black people can’t succeed. However, regardless of the cultural factors behind the movie’s success, it is an incredible film in its own right. Killmonger is an intriguing villain with a troubled history. Fans can’t seem to get enough, and the movie has spawned a plethora of exciting products including LEGO sets, action figures, Nerf products, and more.

Help Black Panther fight Killmonger with the LEGO Super Heroes Black Panther Face-Off, a cool Killmonger action figure, or even a cute collectible Killmonger Pop! Vinyl.

When did Ultron first appear?

Ultron is a well-known Avengers nemesis, first appearing in 1968. The first character to wield adamantium, Ultron wears outer armour composed mainly of the impervious material. Ultron possesses a range of powers including superhuman speed, stamina, strength, reflexes, and durability. He also uses an arsenal of weapons including concussive energy blasts and a coma-inducing encephalo-ray. This ray also allows him to control the minds of his victims. He is truly an evil genius with a massive capacity for self-repair and cybernetic analysis. An expert strategist and roboticist, Ultron can make complex calculations with superhuman accuracy and speed. However, he is not without weaknesses. The Scarlet Witch has been able to cause malfunctions within his carefully-protected circuitry with her hex power, and Johnny Storm can damage the same with his powerful nova burst.

What are Loki’s powers?

First appearing in Marvel Comics in 1949, Loki was ranked 4th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time in 2014. He is extremely popular and has made appearances in a multitude of comic books, TV shows, movies, and merchandise such as clothing, toys, and video games. Some favoured Loki toys include LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Thor vs. Loki, LEGO Juniors Iron Man vs. Loki, and this Legends Series six-inch Loki figure.

Loki is loved and hated by Marvel fans around the world for his incredible powers and intriguing storylines. He has superhuman physical abilities including an extended lifespan, extraordinary strength (he can lift up to 50 tonnes), immunity to disease, and injury resistance. He is arguably the most powerful sorcerer in Asgard. He also possesses magical abilities such as shapeshifting, astral projection, illusion casting, telepathy, teleportation, and hypnosis. He can reattach severed body parts – even his head. He can also magically create rifts between dimensions – or between Asgard and Earth, allowing himself (or other objects) passage, usually for evil purposes. But of course, that’s where the Avengers come in to save the day.

Who is Thanos?

Like Killmonger, Thanos has well-meaning but flawed motivations and intentions. He believes that overpopulation is causing pain and suffering throughout the world and that wiping out half the population will solve the problem. A larger-than-life character, Thanos exhibits superhuman strength, agility, and endurance. His skin is invulnerable against extreme temperatures, electricity, radiation, disease, toxins, and ageing. He is unable to die because of a curse from Death, but even before that happened, he was already capable of surviving indefinitely without water or food. His mind is resistant to psychic attacks, and his hands and eyes can project blasts of cosmic energy.

Why did Thanos love Gamora?

Thanos and Gamora have a complicated relationship, especially given the Titan’s penchant for death. Thanos’s adopted daughter, Gamora, is a big part of his mission to acquire the six gems – the powerful stones of the Infinity Gauntlet that give the holder incredible powers. But how did this relationship start? The details change depending on whether you’re watching the movies or reading the comic books, but the general idea is the same. Gamora is the last surviving member of her race, known as the Zehoberei. An invading force wiped out her people when she was a young girl, and Thanos discovered her alive and alone. He saw potential in her as a warrior and decided to adopt her. He raised her to be a mighty warrior, and he genuinely loves her despite his harsh discipline. Gamora remained by his side into her adulthood when she discovered his genocidal plans.

Who is Vulture?

Vulture, AKA Adrian Toomes, has a personal vendetta against the Avengers indeed. He once made his living running a company that cleaned up the damage from superhero battles. However, the government-funded (with the help of Tony Stark) Department of Damage Control caused his company to collapse. The Vulture uses a special harness that allows him to fly silently and with precision. The harness also protects him from injury, even enabling him to survive Spider-Man’s mighty blows. He possesses maximum human strength with his harness on, although his powers fade slowly upon removal. The Vulture is an aged character who relies on his harness to augment his athletic prowess and life force.

Who is Red Skull?

Unlike many other Marvel villains, Red Skull is pure evil without a single bit of humanity left inside him. A Nazi who became one of Hitler’s confidants, Red Skull now intends to take over the world for his selfish purposes. Red Skull does not have superhuman abilities, but he is a brilliant inventor and political operative. He is in perfect physical condition with the higher levels of strength, speed, agility, coordination, and endurance than any known athlete. He has above-average senses and is a superb martial artist. He is a skilled marksman as well.

Red Skull is known for his trick cigarette that fires poison gas (the “Dust of Death”), which causes the victim’s skin to turn red and shrivelled. He also gained telepathic abilities after fusing his brain with Charles Xavier’s. He also gained new powers after a battle with Magneto, but later became frustrated because the additional powers and abilities made conquest too easy.

What are Hela’s powers?

Hela is an important villain in the Marvel Universe. She’s not only the first female leading villain in a Marvel movie, but she’s also incredibly powerful. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Death. First debuting in the comic books in 1964, she wasn’t initially a technical goddess, but the cosmic ruler of the realm of the undead. Like other villains, she is superhumanly fast, resilient, and strong. However, Hela possesses some unique powers as well. She possesses powerful magic including using her “Hand of Glory” to channel magical energy. She can also cause death by merely touching someone. As the Goddess of Death, she has control over the dead, commanding armies of souls. She can conjure her magical sword out of thin air – and is, of course, remarkably adept at using it for her evil purposes. Hela’s blend of magic and strength make her one of the most formidable villains in the Marvel world – it’s no wonder Thor enlists the help of Loki and Valkyrie to thwart her.

What Avengers movies are there?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a vast world full of all the characters above and many, many more. The movies have been in production since 2007; Marvel has produced at least 19 films since then with more in the works. It is the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, making more than $16.5 billion in theatres globally. Iron Man was the first film, released in 2008 followed by Iron Man 2 in 2010, Thor in 2011, and Captain America: The First Avenger, also in 2011. The Avengers concluded the first phase of the franchise in 2012. Later movies included Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3 in 2013, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014, and Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. This was followed by Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange in 2016, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, and Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. There are also films planned for 2019 including Captain Marvel and an untitled Avengers movie, among others.

What is The Avengers about?

When Loki, Thor’s evil brother, gains access to the Tesseract and the unlimited power the energy cube supplies, Nick Fury (director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) begins recruiting superheroes to face the unprecedented threat to the planet head on. Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye all take part. The Avengers has become so popular that there is now a huge variety of toys, games, clothing, and other merchandise available for kids of all ages who love the mightiest heroes in the universe.

What is Avengers: Age of Ultron about?

Things go awry when Tony Stark restarts a dormant program designed to keep the peace. Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and the rest of the team must assemble. They are put to the ultimate test as the Earth’s fate hangs in the balance. As they battle Ultron, a technological terror with the goal of human extinction, they meet two powerful and mysterious newcomers: Wanda Maximoff and Pietro. From LEGO sets and action figures to card games and even a magical Star Launch Shield, there are many toys and gift ideas based on this famous film.

What is Avengers: Infinity War about?

The Avengers including the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and more unite once more to fight their most powerful foe yet: Thanos. Thanos is on an evil mission to collect the six Infinity Stones and use them to inflict his warped plan on the world. The fate of the entire planet is unknown as everything the Avengers have fought for and learned has culminated in this exact moment. Infinity War reached a worldwide gross of $1 billion faster than any other film in history, achieving this feat in only 11 days. Looking for the perfect gift for someone you know who loves all things superheroes? Check out a Falcon action figure, Black Widow action figure, Captain America Pop! Vinyl, LEGO Super Heroes Thanos Ultimate Battle, or the Nerf Assembler Gear Avengers Infinity War Captain America.

Where to buy Avengers toys?

At Mr Toys Toyworld, we offer a wide variety of fun Marvel-themed toys for little kids, big kids, kids at heart, and collectors. Looking for the perfect gift for the Avengers fan in your life or maybe something new to add to your collection? We can help. Here is some information about our most popular Avengers products.

What LEGO Avengers sets are there?

If you or your child love both the Avengers and LEGO, you’re in luck. LEGO offers many sets based on the famous superheroes for a range of ages. Even pre-schoolers can get in on the fun with the LEGO Duplo Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures set. Or have fun exploring the LEGO Brickheadz series – the Avengers is one of six themes available (along with Star Wars, Jurassic World, The Incredibles, and more). Older kids will enjoy the LEGO Super Heroes series including Thor’s Weapon Quest and Thanos Ultimate Battle.

Which Avengers Hot Wheels are available?

Hot Wheels offers a wide range of Avengers-themed vehicles for your child to love no matter who their favourite characters are. Help the Hot Wheels or Avengers fan in your life build their collection with an Avengers Hot Wheels assorted vehicle featuring the classic comic book cover or a Hot Wheels Marvel Avengers Moto with Rider.

What is the Titan Hero series?

Avengers superheroes unite when danger threatens. The Marvel Avengers Titan Hero series lets kids create their own epic adventures. These fun action figures come alone, in multi-packs, and with accessories; there are plenty of options for children and collectors alike. This series includes a variety of choices for all ages. Look for Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and many more.

What is the Avengers Infinity War Legends series?

Looking for even more of the Avengers characters you love? The Avengers Infinity War Legends Series contains a range of exciting Avengers toys for any fan to enjoy. Collect all the six-inch figures in this series to construct a Giant Man figure! You can find Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Loki, Captain America, and many other favourites here at Mr Toys Toyworld.

What are the best Avengers Nerf guns?

There’s no better way for the young and young at heart to immerse themselves in their adventures than with Nerf. Nerf offers a line of Avengers-themed toys perfect for the superhero in you! The Nerf Assembler Gear Avengers Infinity War Hulk set includes everything you need to assemble the ultimate blaster. Each Assembler Gear set offers different blaster combinations for a universe of fun – look for Captain America, Star-Lord, Iron Man, and more.

What is Hero Vision?

The Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Augmented Reality Experience places users in a digital world where they “AR” the hero! This immersive experience gives kids the chance to harness their inner power and see through the eyes of a hero. It’s a brand-new toy with endless possibilities. Kids eight and up can download the Hero Vision app, place their compatible device inside the goggles, put on the AR mask, and get ready for an adventure like no other. The Hero Vision Augmented Reality Experience is a popular new toy that makes an incredible gift for the Avengers fan on your list. “AR” you ready to see the world through Iron Man’s eyes?

What is the difference between Avengers and Justice League?

Most people know that the Avengers are a Marvel creation while the Justice League comes from DC Comics. However, more differences set the two beloved superhero teams apart. For one thing, the tone of the Justice League movies tends to be a bit darker, while Avengers films tend to be more colourful and rooted in fantasy.

To see another difference – and similarity – consider Iron Man and Batman. Both heroes are wealthy humans with extensive training and knowledge in specialised areas. However, Iron Man has the best technology and armours to protect him, while Batman is a highly-skilled martial artist and accomplished detective. Different approaches make them different heroes, but you could say that Iron Man is to Marvel what Batman is to DC.

The two superhero teams also boast a decidedly different collection of villains. The Avengers fight the likes of Ultron, Loki, Thanos, and the others, while the Justice League stands against their unique variety of well-known villains including the Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn, and Death Stroke.

Another difference is that the Avengers reside in a larger shared cinematic universe. Across numerous films and ten years, the Avengers share a vast universe designed for all of them. The Justice League, on the other hand, is based in a newer cinematic world and has spawned only two solo films: Wonder Woman and Man of Steel.

Finally, the Avengers tend to be more dependent on technology than the Justice League. Especially thanks to Iron Man, the Avengers have an abundance of technology at their fingertips to help them fight evil. Even Spider-Man makes use of Stark technology in his artificial-intelligence-powered suit. The Justice League tends to rely more on magic and Gods, with technology mostly limited to Bruce Wayne’s gadgets and Bat-suits.

Whether your favourites are the heroes or villains; whether you love Iron Man or Spider-Man, Black Widow or the Hulk, there’s something for everyone to adore in the Marvel Universe. Some great games that incorporate a variety of Marvel characters include Marvel Universe Monopoly, Munchkin: Marvel Edition, and Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe Edition. Perfect for family game nights – why not plan to play a Marvel game and then view one of the many Marvel movies this weekend?

At Mr Toys, we love providing our customers with a wide range of toys, games, and collectables for them to enjoy. We know Marvel because we’re fans, too! Choose some great Avengers toys the next time you need a gift for a birthday or holiday or want to surprise a special kid in your life with a cool superhero-themed present. Ready? Avengers, assemble!