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An ant farm or formicarium is an enclosed area, usually with the use of glass, where ants are raised and fed to live and thrive as a colony. It’s like an aquarium but, instead of fish, you have ants that live in it – and without the water. Mr Toys hosts a range of animal habitat kits like ant farms for your pet hobby. Ant farms are highly educational pet toys because they can teach how ants live in colonies. Ant farms are great, eye-grabbing ornaments that can be displayed in your living room, garage, or garden. If your child loves science and is interested to study biology (the study of living organisms) and entomology (the study of insects), then an ant farm kit is the perfect gift that you can give them.

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When Was the First Ant Farm Created?

The first ant farm was created and invented by a French entomologist and polymath by the name of Charles Janet. Yet, the first commercial release of the ant farm was initiated by Frank Eugene Austin, a professor and inventor at Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College circa 1929,. However, the label “ant farm” was patented only in 1956 by Milton Levine, founder of Uncle Milton Industries.

Educational Fun with an Ant Farm

There are lots of ways for kids to learn science and about living things. An ant farm is one way to do so, but in an easy and non-complex manner. By having an ant farm in your house, you can teach your child how these cute little but industrious insects live, feed, and work together as a colony. An ant colony is a great opportunity to show them an analogy of how a good microcosm of society can work in harmony.

Ants have been used as symbols for industriousness and good work ethics. There are so much to learn from the lives of ants, and you can teach them to your child by buying an ant farm today.
Buy your ant farm kits and accessories at Mr Toys, and teach your child the many life lessons that can be learned from how ants live together as a community.



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