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Batman’s primary means of land transportation is here at Mr Toys! The iconic Batmobile has evolved through the ages with different forms that conform with the times, and if you’re looking for Batmobile models, Mr Toys is the best place to look. Collect all of Batman’s Batmobiles from the classic varieties to the modern day models of the recent Batman films and DC Comics franchises. We have Batmobiles in die-cast, LEGO, and plastic models – as well as ride-on toys for the little kids. We also have Batmobile sets that include Batman figures and other characters. Any Batman fan will find great delight once they see our assortment of Batmobile toys here on our website and in our stores across Australia. Find you favourite Batmobile models here at Mr Toys now!

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Batman’s Personal Automobile

The Batmobile is Batman’s primary mode of transportation on the road and, because he uses it most of the time, it has become Batman’s trademark vehicle and his personal automobile. With Batman having many iterations over the years, the Batmobile too has its numerous variations.

Some Fun Facts about the Batmobile

Batman’s Batmobile is as equally iconic as the Batman himself. No Batman franchise is without this popular vehicle. Here are a few interesting facts about the Batmobile:

  • Batman’s first car was not called Batmobile; it was just a plain red car minus the bat-looking design and cool gadgets. The name Batmobile came later in Detective Comics #48.
  • The Batmobile is its own character with its own copyright protection.
  • Did you know that, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the Batmobile was never called “Batmobile”?
  • In Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future), the Batmobile is a flying machine.

Check out these popular Batmobile toys and model sets:

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