Beach Toys And Water Toys

Water Toys make long summer days more fun and refreshing. Squirt guns, water balloons, and many more Water Toys wait for you in our huge assortment in our online toy store. We have the Water Toys that will keep your child playing outdoors longer. Shop our online selection of toys or visit one of our stores for the best pricing. We offer discount pricing online and in our stores. We also have convenient home delivery when you order online. Buy Water Toys today and cool off those hot summer days with some water fun.

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Beach Toys And Water Toys

Cool Down this Summer with Amazing Water Toys

Now that summer is upon us, and the temperature is on the rise, how are you keeping your kids cool? One way is with the great water and pool toys that we have in stock at Mr Toys.  From super affordable Nerf soakers to full size kids pools that you can set up right on your own property. We think that you should be able to have fun in the outdoors, even in the sweltering sun. So, slather on your sunscreen, put on your swimmers and shades, and head outdoors with your kids to enjoy the great water and pool toys from Mr Toys!

Stay Cool Without Getting Into the Pool

If you don't have space for a full pool on your property, never fear. There are plenty of great toys that can keep you and your kids cool without actually swimming. One of our favourite ways to stay cool whilst playing outside is water pistols. We have a wide and affordable range of these age old toys at Mr Toys and they come in all types of styles from the very simple versions to those that are very complex. For example, currently at Mr Toys we have the Nerf Super Soaker Lightningstorm. This super soaker is motorised for the ultimate in soaking power, and with a huge water drum that holds over a litre, refills are spaced far apart.

Slip and Slide Your Way to a Delightful Afternoon

When the heat of the day settles in, you may find that you not only need to cool down, you need some excitement for your kids, as well. The solution? How about a Slip N Slide or Dash'N Splash that you can hook right up to a hose and have a blast. We have several options in stock at Mr Toys when it comes to this type of activity. A simple option may be the 16' Dash’n Splash Mad Man that will allow your kids to easily slide across the vinyl sheet before they meet a cushiony barrier at the end. An option that is more complex may be the Slip N Slide Extreme Monster Splash. This toy is almost 5m long and allows your kids the ability to slide down a slippery and flat vinyl slide right into a shallow pool.

Want to Hit the Pool?  Take some Toys!

If you have a pool or visiting a pool, it is a great idea to take some pool toys. You can be sure that Mr Toys has a huge stock of great toys that are perfect for a day at the pool.  We carry everything from toys for baby, like safe swim vest all the way to toys for you like the Polar Bar Refreshment Float. Kids big and small will love pool toys like the Floating See Saw that can provide hours of fun in the water. We have a selection of snorkels, masks and even inflatable air mats.

Don't let a hot Australian summer get you down. Stay cool with these and the many other affordable and fun items that we always have in stock at Mr Toys.



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