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Our range of Ben Ten toys is complete with all of the Alien Action Figures that your child sees on the Ben 10 show. They can use these action figures to battle evil in their own universe. Humungosaur whose hands are super strong and can launch missiles. There is also Ultimate Cannonbolt, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Swampfire and other hero alien figures to choose from online and in our awesome toy stores.

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Ben 10

Ben 10 Toys: The Alien Universe of Ben 10 Toys

The Cartoon Network TV series "Ben 10" introduced kids to a fascinating, adventure-filled world where humans and aliens interact. In the series, a 10-year-old kid named Ben discovers an alien device that allows him to transform into 10 different alien species. This device is called the Omnitrix (later upgraded to the Ultimatrix). After his discovery, he learns that his grandpa Max is a member of a secret intergalactic police force called the Plumbers, and adventures ensue.

In addition to the TV series, there are also quite a few Ben 10 movies and DVDs, as well as video games. The video games are probably the most popular of the many Ben 10 toys offered at shops like Mr Toys. The newest game with be "Ben 10: Omniverse" for Wii, DS, Xbox, and PlayStation. In this game, players can be one of 13 alien heroes working with Ben and his partner Rook to save the world.

Other Ben 10 toys mainly revolve around action figures. For example, there are different series of 4, 6, and 12-inch tall action figures representing all the different aliens a in the Ben 10 universe. Different series come with different accessories, like character cards and figurine stands. Some of the coolest Ben 10 toys morph into functional objects, like the Heatblast figurine that transforms into a flashlight, or the Ripjaws one that becomes a squirt gun.

There was also a LEGO Ben 10 series for a brief time. Using the LEGO sets, fans could build their own figurines. Only 6 of these were ever released.



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