This Year’s Hottest Wheels from Mattel

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Do you know how many Hot Wheels cars have been made since its inception in the 1960s? Mattel, the company that owns Hot Wheels, has produced over 6 billion Hot Wheels cars since 1968 when Elliot Handler conceptualised his idea of a die-cast toy car. According to The Strong: National Museum of Play, more than 800 models and 11,000 variations of Hot Wheels have been manufactured; and these days, 8 cars are sold every second.

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Hot Wheels is one of the most iconic brands that has left an everlasting mark on the history of toys. It has made a tremendous impact and influence among many generations of children throughout the world. In fact, people’s unshakeable love for automobiles is likely brought about by their childhood experience with Hot Wheels.

This year, Mr Toys let’s you fire up your passion for speed and fast paced action – with the Hottest Wheels of die-cast cars, monster trucks, and track sets from Mattel. Read on!

10. Hot Wheels Multi-Loop Race Off

Race to see who can score the most points and send the competition flying! Use the speed launchers to race cars through a series of loops. Be the first to reach through the biggest loop and break it open, causing the other cars to crash off the track. Keep score with the flags that automatically lower when the car passes. Connect this set to other Hot Wheels sets to keep the race going and invent new courses and obstacles.

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9. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:64 Scale

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles are kid-tested and approved with outrageous chassis designs and giant tyres. There is an amazing variety in this collection of die-cast metal toy trucks that are sure to be real crowd-pleasers! Giant premium wheels make a statement about the over-the-top creatures, entertainment characters, and Hot Wheels originals that amp up an experience of crashing and smashing fun.

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8. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

Explore the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage for endless storytelling possibilities and opportunities of heroic, save-the-day moments! Standing over 3 feet tall and storing over 140 cars, this is the biggest Hot Wheels playset ever. Fuel your kid's imagination exploring the different and exciting play zones like the drive-up diner, car wash, and dynamic moving parts including a motorised elevator, a massive jet plane with a penthouse landing pad, and a menacing gorilla determined to swipe your cars out of the elevator. More features await you when you grab and play with this super garage set!

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7. Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway

Experience the iconic Mario Kart Rainbow Road course in the real world with the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway track set! The rainbow-coloured course reaches 8 feet long and 24 inches high for maximum thrills, and has lights and sounds for a big impression. Two different layouts – straight or curved – create different races, controlled with an electronic start and a finish gate that displays the winner. The track set features a spinning Question Mark Block randomiser with pop-up features, 3D sculpted figures, and decorations that add to the thrills. There are also parking spaces located in the support pillars of the playset for easy storage.

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6. Hot Wheels Premium Collector Assortment

Hot Wheels Premium leverages a unique variety of themed vehicles tailored to car enthusiasts with premium execution fans love. These highly detailed models have exceptional graphic deco, full die-cast construction, and Real Riders tyres. The display-worthy sets have unique themes! Fans can choose a favourite or collect them all. The window package shows off each set that's worthy of play or display.

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5. Hot Wheels Boulevard Assortment

Hot Wheels Boulevard is the premium series of dream cars that you would drool over and wish for a chance to drive if you see them on the street. These collector-favoured castings will put the “jam” in traffic jam with 5 motoriffic mixes for 2022! As premium releases, the editions in this series feature full die-cast construction, Real Riders wheels, and classically executed deco that will rev your engines. When you spot them, you’ll recognise some high-profile liveries too. (Source: Mattel Creations)

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4. Hot Wheels Basic Car 5-Pack

The Hot Wheels 5-Car Pack delivers 5 of the coolest 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in one package. Each pack is an instant collection of classic, cool, and relevant 1:64-scale vehicles with authentic styling and eye-catching decos.

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3. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:24 Scale

Designed in 1:24 scale with durable die-cast metal bodies, these Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are ready to go for outrageous action! Giant wheels and rad details amp up the collecting and crashing, smashing, and stunt play. The vehicle package features cool stats on the back, giving details about strength, crash attack, motor-vation, and more. Rev up imagination and storytelling with unique 1:24 Monster Trucks that deliver mind-blowing features!

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2. Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture

The Hot Wheels Car Culture line features awesome 1:64 scale vehicles with realistic castings and authentic decos. This premium assortment features a variety of special categories and themes that appeal to kids and collectors alike. You will love the realistic detail and the fantastic features of both new and retro vehicles for either play or display!

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1. Hot Wheels Die-Cast Car Assortment

Jumpstart your die-cast collection or enhance your existing one with a rad variety of 1:64 scale Hot Wheels cars, trucks, and bikes that everyone will love. Each item comes individually packaged for enhanced collectability.. Get a hold of modern and vintage models with classic decos and hot designs!

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