The Most Popular Nerf Blasters in 2022

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Nerf fans and gun battle game enthusiasts have the Parker Brothers to thank for! Without them, we would not have these colourful and efficient toy blasters to play with. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of communities engaging in Nerf game battles and exhibitions all around the world.

From foam bars that were once used by trucks for pushing race cars, to playballs that “can be thrown indoors without damaging lamps, breaking windows, and hurting babies and old people,” Nerf has evolved into one of the most famous toy brands that has brought fun and action to generations of kids (and adult hobbyists as well).

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If you and your children are Nerf players and collectors yourselves, then you are lucky to have stumbled upon this article. Mr Toys is proud to bring you a list of highly sought after Nerf blasters in 2022.

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10. Nerf DinoSquad Rex Rampage

Charge into triple-dart action with this blaster that features awesome dinosaur details, capturing the look of the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. Blaster comes with 12 official Nerf Elite foam darts, and has onboard storage for 12 darts to keep them within easy reach for re-loading.

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9. Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus

Blast into action with on-the-go dart loading for non-stop battling! The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus blaster features motorised Speed-Load Technology that automatically loads darts in the drum. The drum stays attached to the blaster, so battlers don’t have to remove the drum to re-load. Nerfers can load and fire darts without removing the drum, so they can keep battling as they’re re-loading!

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8. Nerf Elite 2.0 Warden DB-8

Go the distance with the Nerf Elite Warden blaster that fires darts up to 85 feet (26 metres)! Customise it for every battle or mission by taking advantage of the tactical rail to add Nerf accessories. Blaster comes with 16 official Nerf darts to fully load this 8-dart capacity blaster – and 8 more darts to re-load and head back into battle.

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7. Nerf Fortnite AR-L

This AR-L blaster is inspired by the one used in Fortnite Battle Royale video game, capturing the look and colours of the same blaster in the Fortnite game. It can blast 10 darts and has an acceleration button to power up the motor. Package includes a 10-dart clip, 20 official Nerf Elite darts, and 2 flip-up sights.

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6. Nerf Elite 2.0 Turbine CS-18

Build your stockpile of Elite 2.0 blasters to optimise your game strategy and bring tactical performance and flexibility to every mission and battle – with the Turbine CS-18! Customise the blaster for every battle or mission by taking advantage of the barrel attachment point and 4 tactical rails. It comes with 36 official Nerf darts to fully load the 18-dart clip – and 18 more darts so you're ready for re-loads. Fire, re-load, and fire some more!

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5. Nerf Fortnite B-AR

Inspired by the equipment used in Fortnite with the Converge Wrap from the popular video game, this Nerf B-AR blaster can blast 10 darts in a row! Hold down the acceleration button and press the trigger to fire (requires 4x 1.5v C alkaline batteries, not included). Package includes a removable 10-dart clip and 10 official Nerf Elite foam darts that are made of foam, so they're great for indoor and outdoor play.

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4. Nerf Alpha Strike Ultimate Mission Pack

Alpha Strike blasters are a great way to start experiencing the power, performance, and excitement of Nerf action battles. Load, prime, and fire in a few quick steps to blast 1 dart at a time from each of these hand-powered blasters! Package includes 5 Nerf Alpha Strike blasters, 30 official Nerf Elite darts, 1 Stinger SD-1 blaster, 1 Fang QS-4 blaster, 1 Cobra RC-6 blaster, 1 Wolf LR-1 blaster, and 1 Lynx SD-1 blaster.

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3. Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8

You're ready for whatever the battle brings with the Eaglepoint RD-8 blaster! Fire 8 darts in a row, then re-load fast from the onboard dart storage that holds 8 darts. This Nerf Elite 2.0 blaster comes with 16 official Nerf Elite darts – 8 darts to load into the drum and 8 darts to store on the blaster, plus 3 tactical rails. Take aim and send the darts flying through the air up to 90 feet (27 metres)!

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2. Nerf Ultra Select

Nerf Ultra accuracy darts are the most accurate Nerf darts! This Ultra Select blaster holds 2 clips and includes 10 Nerf Ultra distance darts and 10 Nerf Ultra accuracy darts. Move the clip selector to choose your clip, power up the fully motorised dart blaster, and unleash darts with rapid-fire blasting (requires 6x 1.5v C batteries, not included). The clips are designed in a way that you can load darts while they're still attached to the blaster, for less downtime needed to re-load.

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1. Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR

The Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR blaster is inspired by the equipment used in Fortnite, capturing the look of the same blaster in the popular video game. It measures an awesome 43 inches long (1.1 metre), and your targets will know you are in it to win it when you take aim with this massive blaster. Fire 6 big Nerf Mega darts in a row from the 6-dart clip, slide the bolt to prime the blaster, and pull the trigger to fire a dart!

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