Best Developmental Toys for 3 to 4-Year Olds

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From toddler to preschool, a child’s growth and development will become more noticeable and accelerated – not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. At this stage, children are more curious, more inquisitive, and more explorative – to the point when parents (and guardians) need to always watch over them to protect them from things that may seem ordinary but can be harmful to their little young bodies.

Aside from making sure that your toddler or preschooler is safe when playing, giving them age-appropriate toys will also provide them a great platform to have fun through exploration and discovery. For a 3 to 4-year old child, playing is an experience where fun and learning become one and the same.

In this blog post, we are giving you the top 10 most searched and best-selling developmental toys for kids 3 years to 4 years old. So if you are hunting for some gifts to give to your toddler or preschooler, have a look below and see a list of toys that may interest your little one all year round.

10. Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears

Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears let toddlers and preschoolers build their own toy! Simply put together the base plates in any configuration, then add on the gears. You will make an amazing kid-powered machine – from interlocking base plates and rotating gears to pull along trains and a large playland construction.

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9. Tooky Toy Afternoon Tea Set

This is the perfect playset for any little child who loves to be like mummy or daddy making an afternoon tea. The set includes 2 cups and saucers, 1 teapot, 1 serving tray, 1 teaspoon, 2 forks, 1 knife, and 3 assorted toy cakes! Role-play helps kids in improving social skills and learning how to share.

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8. Melissa & Doug Wooden Number Magnets

This number-themed set is a newly redesigned learning playset that includes plenty of colourful, generously-sized wooden magnets with numbers from 0 to 20. Also included in this magnetic number set are 5 maths signs that will help teach simple mathematical operations to preschoolers.

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7. Techno Gears Crazy Train

Kids love to construct things, and the Techno Gears Crazy Train is the perfect way to encourage your little builder to do so. With 60+ colourful construction pieces, power motor, and more, this kit includes everything your little engineer needs to build their own train – with crankshafts that move and work! The mechanics of the train have gears that introduce kids to the science of gear ratio. This playset aligns with and supports STEM learning.

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6. Mega Bloks Musical Farm

Match colours and get to know animal sounds on the farm! Discover music and animal sounds, and learn your colours when you build a farm for 4 adorable barnyard friends. Build a silo, spinning windmill, and barn with swinging doors. Next, build a horse, cow, chicken, and lamb. Sit each animal on its matching musical key to hear their special sound and learn colours as you go. Press the keys again for even more musical surprises and sounds!

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5. LeapFrog Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board

This toy tablet has the natural feel of wood that brings learning into your child’s hands with ABCs and 123s. It also teaches about animals, weather, and conservation. The touch-sensitive toy tablet encourages exploration with 26 animal/letter buttons, a music button, and more. The animated light-up LED screen reinforces learning concepts. Nine interactive activities heighten the learning with Animal Band, Sound Detective, Weather Report, and more.

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4. Playgo Shape Sorting Bucket

This playset contains 12 pieces of shape-sorting fun experience! Fit the blocks in the matching holes, drop them out, and let the fun start again. The pieces are perfectly sized for little hands! It’s an activity set that helps introduce simple shapes and primary colours as well as fine motor skills to toddlers and preschoolers.

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3. Roo Crew Eco Wood Learning Magnets

Let your little one learn number and letter recognition with ease! Roo Crew’s learning magnets feature clear labels of uppercase and lowercase letters, while the numbers have corresponding amounts of animals for easy counting.

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2. Track Maze Toy Bricks

Promote spatial awareness and develop your child’s inquisitiveness with the Track Maze Toy Bricks! The bricks can be assembled together to create a maze for a marble race, a good training tool to enhance logical thinking and hands-on dexterity. Cultivate your child’s creativity and see them build their own maze from these colourful bricks!

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1. Hape Garden Vegetables

Assemble the ingredients you want to prepare. Trim the stems and use the play knife to chop the vegetables. Bring the chopped ingredients together in a dish. Do you want a healthy salad or maybe a French ratatouille? There’s nothing healthier than fresh vegetables!

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