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One of the most popular toys around the world, which has leaped from just being playthings for children to being hobby items for people of all ages, is LEGO. As if they are not popular enough to begin with, LEGO got an extra boost with the success of the blockbuster film, The LEGO Movie, early of this year. As the demand for LEGO toys increases, people who are looking for affordable LEGO sets are also growing.

It is time to head to Australia’s toy experts and check out the latest selection of these popular building and brick toys. With over 20 stores across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, Mr Toys Toyworld has an amazing selection of LEGO toys and playsets sold at affordable prices.

Enthusiasts of this popular toy range have been playing with LEGO since it was first made available in the 1950s. There have been numerous sets released by the LEGO Group – all in a variety of themes including (but not limited to) outer space, trains, towns and cities, the Wild West, and others. Some sets have military themes and others are based upon popular movies, such as Star Wars, Marvel Avengers, and more. The popularity of The LEGO Movie will likely have a direct impact on the increased saleability of LEGO toys.

Mr Toys Toyworld is your number 1 stop if you are looking for the latest yet affordable LEGO items. We also have the hard to find classic items for the hardcore LEGO collectors. LEGO playsets offer hours of building fun and entertainment for both children and grown-ups alike. With a huge array of LEGO sets to choose from, Mr Toys definitely has something for every LEGO lover out there.

As a retail chain and one of Australia’s largest specialty stores, Mr Toys Toyworld is the preferred choice of children, parents, and hobbyists when it comes to all things toys and games. We specialise in offering the latest toys, games, and hobbies as well as the classic items and hard to find ones. Visit our stores or shop online here on our website and we will deliver your orders wherever you are in Australia.

Here at Mr Toys Toyworld is where the best toys come from!

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