Come to Sylvania, the Peaceful Village of the Sylvanian Families

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Did you know that there’s a world where tranquillity and traditional family values are a way of life? If you’re looking for a stress-free place to calm your senses, then come to the village of Sylvania, the home of the Sylvanian Families. It’s an idyllic place where cuteness reigns and residents enjoy the world of nature! Sylvania is a place where everyone can be part of a family and learn about relationships. Sylvanians are encouraged to practice kindness and care for others!

Sylvanian Families is a renowned toy brand that has been empowering kids’ imaginations since 1985. The toys and playsets provide children a range of activities in which they can explore different play patterns and create their own stories. The Sylvanian Families toy range offers a variety of adorable figures, houses, shops, furniture, and colourful accessories.

As an evergreen toy brand, Sylvanian Families has a friendly appeal to both kids and adults alike. Children and parents will love playing with Sylvanian Families as they collect the figures, change the outfits, decorate the houses, and furnish them with furniture. Everyone is allowed to create their own stories with Sylvanian Families!

We invite you to join the Sylvanian Families in a wholesome play activity that helps develop the thoughts and emotions of children.

Sylvanian Families Homes and Houses

There’s no place like home, and Sylvanian Families offers you homes and houses where peace and tranquillity are the norm. Home is where the heart is! So take your rest in any of the Sylvanian Families homes and houses now.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage

Sylvanian Families Animal Families

When you visit the village of Sylvania, there will always be a family to welcome you in their home. Experience the warmth of traditional family values, and start your collection of Sylvanian Families animal family figures and sets.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Koala Family

Sylvanian Families Twins, Triplets, and Babies

Each Sylvanian family is gifted with an adorable baby... or set of babies – that means twins or even triplets! If one baby isn’t enough, then have a look at these cute Sylvanian Families twins, triplets and babies.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Triplets

Sylvanian Families Furniture and Accessories

They say you’ve got to furnish your house with furniture! Luckily, we have a great selection of furniture and accessories to decorate your Sylvanian Families home.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom Set

Sylvanian Families Vehicles

Every village has its ways of transport, and when you come to Sylvania, there is a vehicle waiting to fetch and bring you to places. Hop in and enjoy the sights and sounds of Sylvania with Sylvanian Families vehicles.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Family Campervan

Sylvanian Families Stylish Hair Salons

Of course, you need to have your hair cut or styled every now and then, and Sylvania has enough salons to make sure your hair is properly groomed. Sylvanian Families stylish hair salons are open to serve you!

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Pony's Stylish Hair Salon

Sylvanian Families Nurseries and Schools

The families of Sylvania ensure that their children are well educated and properly cared for. That’s why there are a lot of nurseries and schools to cater to this need. Make school time fun for the kids with Sylvanian Families nurseries and schools!

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Nursery Playground

Sylvanian Families Amusement Parks

There are plenty of recreational places in Sylvania, and among them are amusement parks. Sylvanian Families amusement parks feature amazing castles and lots of rides. There’s a Ferris wheel, a Viking ship, go karts, and rocket rides.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Baby Amusement Park

Sylvanian Families Holidays

Everyday is a holiday in Sylvania! Bring the festivities to your home today. Celebrate life and family with Sylvanian Families holiday toys and playsets.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Adventure Tree House

Sylvanian Families Village Life

The village of Sylvania is waiting for you to come and visit its beautiful place, nestled high in the green mountains and surrounded by lush nature. Witness how the cutest of friends live in harmony and share the benefits of community life. Every villager, from the oldest to the youngest, has a job or hobby and loves to show off their talents to the rest of the village.

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Featured Product: Sylvanian Families Tandem Cycling Set

Sylvanian Families Fashion Play Sets

Who says a place where traditional family values abound isn’t fashionable? There’s definitely something to look forward to when it comes to fashion and style in the colourful world of Sylvania. Come and visit, and see how the Sylvanian Families express their stylish fashions!

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Sylvanian Families Gift Sets

Gift giving is a Sylvanian tradition that never gets out of style! You’re sure to receive a gift when you visit a Sylvanian home. If you’re looking for a great birthday present or Christmas gift for your little one, Sylvanian Families gift sets are perfect for the job.

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