Easter Eggs in Toy Story 1

Published : 30/09/2019

Previously, we have taken the pleasure of blogging about the many interesting Easter eggs in Toy Story 3 and 2. We even asked you to re-watch the films and try spotting some more Easter eggs not mentioned in our articles. So, were you able to find more? Well, if you have, how about sharing them with us in the comment section below this post?

You may want to read the preceding articles about the Easter eggs in the other Toy Story flicks:

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In this article, we discuss a few of the most noteworthy Easter eggs in the first Toy Story movie.

Watch Out for the Pizza Truck

While it was not shown in other pre-existing films of Disney-Pixar, the Pizza Planet’s pizza truck has a significant light in the movie because it will appear (or has appeared) in the succeeding Toy Story movies and other box-office hits under Disney-Pixar such as A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, and even in the Disney princess movie, Brave. Note, though, that only the sharpest of eyes can spot it on those films mentioned.

Books behind Woody

When Woody is giving a speech to his friends, the books behind him have the titles of previous Pixar short films like Tin Toy, The Adventures of Andre and Wally B, Knickknack, and Red’s Dream. If you look closer, those books have Lasseter as their author – Lasseter is in reference to John Lasseter, the (former) chief creative officer of Disney-Pixar.

Binford Tools

The toolbox used to weigh down the bin, when Buzz Lightyear is caught by Sid, has the label Binford Tools. In Toy Story (1), Buzz is voiced by Tim Allen who happens to star in a TV sitcom entitled Home Improvement. Within the show, however, there is a mini-show called Tool Time (a show within a show) and it is sponsored by Binford Tools.

The Shining in Sid’s Room

Are you familiar with the horror movie, The Shining? You will be surprised that Toy Story has an Easter egg for it. Given Sid’s dark character in the story, the makers see it fit to put a reference to that horror classic inside Sid’s room. The carpet’s design inside the room is the same as that of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

The Gas Station

Andy’s mum works at the Dinoco gas station. Dinoco will be the trade mark gas station of various Pixar films, particularly of the Cars series.

Then again, there are other Easter eggs in Toy Story but the ones mentioned here are (what we believe as) the noteworthy ones. So in case you think we missed those you believe are worth mentioning, feel free to write them in as comments below.

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