Fascinate Your Kids With Aqua Dragons

Published : 05/10/2015

If you really want to see your young child’s face light up, introduce him or her to Aqua Dragons. Mr Toys Toyworld has the LED Tank Kit, the Underwater Kit, and the Refill Kit for those wish to explore the mystery of these underwater creatures. Children will care for and learn about how these amazing crustaceans eat, swim, and live.

Aqua Dragons are actual live aquatic creatures that are able to hibernate in a dried state for several years. They are part of the crustacean family and have been living in the seas and salty lakes of the world for many years. When returned to water, the eggs hatch and the creatures come to life. They are interesting looking with three eyes and two fins which help them eat and breathe. They eat microscopic algae particles which they are able to scrape off surfaces inside the tank. Females differ from males in that they have a small bulb on their back. It is an egg sack in which they carry their babies. 

Mr Toys Toyworld not only carries Aqua Dragons, but has the largest selection of toys, puzzles, games, and indoor and outdoor activities in all of Australia. There are over 20 stores in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine State. Find the one nearest you and meet with the nation’s toy experts. Get personal advice on wide range of the latest toys and games from the award-winning LEGO Retailer of the Year, Mr Toys Toyworld, where the best toys come from.

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