Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures Soar High This June

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What would be your reaction if you saw your favourite character or celebrity caricatured in toy form, but with an oversized head and huge round eyes, packaged in a white window-display box? They may look weird and funny, but once you see and take a hold of them, you can’t deny they’re one of the cutest figures in the world of toys and collectables.

You would be looking at Pop! Vinyls! Also known as Funko Pops or Pop Vinyl figures or just Pops, these weirdly funny yet cute looking toys have been the object of affection for hundreds and thousands of collectors all around the world. People have given them as gifts to their friends and loved ones that even non-collectors become so fond of them, they would soon start buying more Pop! Vinyls.

We may not really know the reasons why lots of people are so engrossed with their Pop! Vinyl collection, but what we do know is that the fad is not showing any sign of stopping soon. You just can’t get over with these toy figures that mimic the visage of your favourite characters in a funny looking way. You know it’s them – but they’re cutely different!

Why not start your own Pop! Vinyl collection today? Begin with these highly popular and best-selling items!

10. Harry Potter Holiday Pop! 4-Pack

It may not be Christmas yet, but Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friends are here to bring the Holiday cheer in and out of season! Bring magic to your collection and make your home like a mini-Hogwarts vacation for both wizards and muggles.

Take Harry and friends home today!

9. Captain America (Through the Ages) Pop! 5-Pack

Celebrate Marvel’s Year of the Shield and witness Steve Roger’s evolution throughout different ages! This series pack is made to give tribute to the Marvel hero who wields shields to protect the innocent as seen in his comic book and movie appearances.

Give tribute to Cap now!

8. Jurassic World Blue 10” Pop! Vinyl

Dinosaur-loving kids and fans of the Jurassic World franchise will race to get their hands on this 10-inch Pop! Dinosaur figure. Re-live the exciting chase scenes and put it on display for all your friends to see!

Roar with the dino now!

7. Batman 1989 10" Pop! Joker with Hat

Do you remember Jack Nicholson’s amazing performance as Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime in Tim Burton’s version of Batman? Here he goes in Pop! Vinyl format with his iconic hat! The figure stands 3 ¾ inches and comes in the usual window-display box.

Laugh with the Joker now!

6. Deadpool 30th Anniversary Pop! 4-Pack

It’s the Merc with Mouth in his 30th anniversary! Can you imagine Deadpool becoming a maracas dancer, dinosaur, Roman senator, and cake warrior? Well, you should check out these Pop! Vinyl figures in one package.

Celebrate with Deadpool now!

5. My Hero Academia 10” Pop! All Might

Toshinori Yagi, more commonly known as All Might, is the main character of My Hero Academia. If you follow the My Hero Academia series, then you will certainly love this 20-inch All Might Pop! Vinyl figure.

Be a hero like All Might now!

4. Game of Thrones Deluxe Pop! Daenerys on Iron Throne

Who’s your favourite character in Game of Thrones? Whoever it is, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this deluxe Pop! Vinyl figure of Daenerys sitting on the Iron Throne. It’s time to see Daenerys finally rule the kingdom!

Reign with Daenerys now!

3. The Mandalorian Pop! Grogu in Rucksack

Din Djarin’s cute companion is here to give you the same quirky company! Would you like to carry the Child with a rucksack just like what Din does in The Mandalorian series? Lucky you! There’s a Pop! Vinyl figure of Grogu the Child in a rucksack.

Take the Child in a rucksack now!

2. Lilo & Stitch Pop! Stitch in Rocket Ride

Bring the family together and beef up your Disney’s Lilo & Stitch collection with this Pop! Vinyl figure of Stitch as he rides a rocket! The figure is approximately 5.25 inches tall and packaged in the usual window display box, making it a great gift for any Lilo & Stitch fan.

Get quirky with Stitch today!

1. Transformers 10” Pop! Optimus Prime

“Autobots, transform and roll-out!” Kee-ko-ko-keek... How we love the sound of Optimus Prime calling out the Autobots and rallying them in the fight to defend Earthlings from the villainous Decepticons. Now, see and adore him in Pop! Vinyl form.

Roll with Optimus Prime today!

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