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Published : 05/08/2017 09:35:48
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Generations of players have enjoyed the excitement of battling friends and family in their very own homes. Warhammer was created by Gamesworkshop and has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years. Players construct their armies by collecting plastic models of different species which include humans, elves, orcs, and an array of other outrageous creatures. Each model also comes with stats and abilities that players use to fight on the battlefield.

In its over 30 year reign, Warhammer had several updates and special releases. These changes included several revisions to the rules and the release of unique model sets. Despite its popularity, in 2015 Gamesworkshop devastated the Warhammer world by announcing what it called “The end of times.” This was believed to be the end of the Warhammer world. However, this led to a new beginning with the release their latest version called Warhammer: The Age of Sigmar.

The Age of Sigmar: What Is It?

The Age of Sigmar brought new rules and a new fictional background story. After so many years, the world of Warhammer lost its individuality with the creation of other popular games and media. Gamesworkshop gave Warhammer new contexts for its battles. In this new version, players battle in human realms instead of an otherworldly one as it did in its older version.

The newer version also streamlined how the game is played for faster manoeuvres and made the building of armies simpler. They did this by providing all the information to players once they acquired their model instead of requiring additional purchases. They also created bonuses for players who are at a disadvantage to help level the playing field.

It may seem that this war game with fictitious and outlandish creatures is only for kids and teens, but there’s excitement for people of all ages. This game requires many skills, and one of the key components to success is strategy. The game is fabulous for any strategic thinking gamer. Other keys to success include working to build an effective army by figuring out which model will fit into your army best and understanding how to use your army’s strength while also capitalising on your opponent’s weaknesses.

The creative spirit of this game goes beyond the battlefield. When players acquire a new model, it is their responsibility to paint them. This requires patience, dedication, and some artistic skill. The game is a fun addition to anyone’s game collection, and it also allows players to use their creativity to create unique and personalised characters.

The Revamp

Gamesworkshop Warhammer may have been revamped with new rules, characters, and stories but the adventure remains. Warhammer is an outstanding game for kids, teens, and adults alike. The skills required to win keep players thinking fast and challenges them to be creative.

Mr Toys makes purchasing this game simple and affordable. This game caters to all age and makes this an excellent activity for the whole family. Why not start a new tradition with your children? Get the game today and start collecting models to paint as a family, and then battle each other in friendly competitions to see who has the best strategies.

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