Hot Musical Toys for Toddlers and Kids 1 Year Above

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Humans are inherently musical animals! Ask any person on the street about their favourite music and each one will answer his or her own preferred genre. Whether it’s jazz, rock, folk, pop, or classical, everyone chooses a musical style that represents his or her own personality and fashion preference. We listen, we sing, and we dance to music – we can’t escape its power to capture our attention! The thing is – there is always a song or musical piece that will make us smile, cry, or just chill along.

Yet, when does our inclination for music even start? It begins at a very young age. Notice how babies turn their faces to wherever they can hear some sounds that fascinate them. Check out our article about Musical Soft Toys for Babies!

As your child grows, they will develop the ability to recognise more than just plain sounds but also musical tunes and rhythms. That is why it is recommended that you expose them to playthings that will hone their musical recognition skills.

Inspire your growing toddlers to appreciate music more by giving them toys that will help develop their musical talents – even in their early years! Let’s have a look at the hottest and most trending musical toys for toddlers and kids aged 1 year and above…

10. Learn & Groove Thumpin’ Numbers Drum

Drum up your own beat in Drum Solo mode to add reggae, pop, and Latin music styles. In Music mode, jam along to 12 children’s melodies. This plush drum is designed with textured fabric with colourful, numbered tags that add to sensory development and encourage touch. Take the show on the road using the easy-grab fabric handle for on-the-go play!

Check this drum out now!

9. Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Xylophone

It’s a classic xylophone that lets little children explore sound and music. Not only does this toy introduce notes, pitch, and rhythm, the xylophone format helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Check this xylophone out now!

8. Gigantic Keyboard Playmat

Your child’s musical journey can all begin with the Gigantic Keyboard Playmat! It works just like an ordinary big playmat but with the special features of a music keyboard. Just unfold on the floor, and voila! Your child can dance and play like a ballerina and pianist – all at the same time.

Check this playmat out now!

7. Learn & Groove Caterpillar Drums

Create your own music with traditional drum sounds, animal sounds, and silly sounds! Play the Count-a-Pillar game to practice counting to 20 or tap drums to play along to the ABC song, letter by letter. Follow the flashing drums to play along to 11 favourite children's songs and 3 classical pieces. Learn about tempo by speeding up and slowing down the "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" song, or play the musical scale note by note.

Check these drums out now!

6. Little Tikes Tap-a-Tune Piano

This toy piano will delight and stimulate your growing toddler! It is just the right size for little hands, and the keys are easy to press. They will learn cause and effect, and begin to develop a sense of rhythm and timing.

Check this piano out now!

5. Fisher Price Pull-A-Tune Xylophone

The classic Pull-A-Tune Xylophone’s 8 colourful keys encourage early music-making creativity, helping young ones develop a sense of accomplishment. And as their musical abilities grow, little ones can follow the colours to create a real song! The mallet’s attached so it never gets lost. And it’s on wheels so kids can take and make music wherever they go.

Check this xylophone out now!

4. Electronic Keyboard with Stand and Mic

Learning a musical instrument as a child provides lasting benefits to the development of their social, academic, and physical skills. This electronic keyboard provides the perfect introduction to music for your growing child. Watch as they sing, tap, and discover a new talent, one that can bring discipline and even a boost to their self-esteem!

Check this keyboard out now!

3. Trolls Poppys Rock Guitar

Poppy's Rock Guitar plays 2 different versions of the song from the movie Trolls World Tour. Play it pop style, then push a button and play rock style. Kids can imagine they're rocking out with this electric guitar toy, which plays different sounds and riffs. Push the buttons on the neck to hear cool riffs in the pop or rock style, making their own unique version of the song!

Check this guitar out now!

2. Kan-i Happy Party Music Band

See and hear your child play musical instruments. Bring their friends and together they can start a band. Music, Maestro! This playset is perfect for a solo performance or musical pretend-play with friends.

Check this playset out now!

1. VTech Music Fun Microphone

Sing along with the Music Fun Microphone by Vtech! Turn the ring to learn animals or press one of the music buttons to choose a classical or rock'n roll tune. This little toy includes a light up button, puppy button, and instrument buttons for different styles of music. Parents will love the automatic shut off function and developmental benefits such as auditory stimulation and basic motor skills.

Check this microphone out now!

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