2021's Hottest LEGO Minecraft Sets

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Are you a longtime Minecraft gamer? Or maybe you’ve just started to play the game recently and have grown to love it that you feel you’re playing inside the game itself? Whatever stage you are in, we have news for you: LEGO gives you a way to enjoy Minecraft in a different level – off your screens!

It’s time to take your Minecraft gaming to a whole new level – with LEGO Minecraft building sets! The amazing world of Minecraft with its quirky yet unparalleled characters can now be seen in LEGO bricks and minifigures! Now kids and gamers can take their own Minecraft adventures and bring them to life using the all new LEGO Minecraft.

With LEGO Minecraft, the scenes and characters you see in the popular video game become tangible and more realistic. LEGO bricks and minifigures bring the elements of Minecraft adventure and action into actual live pieces that makes the fun more experiential. LEGO Minecraft offers limitless fun building possibilities.

So enough with the introduction! Let’s go to the main gist of our blog post. This week, we bring you what’s hot and trending in the LEGO Minecraft category. Time to build, play… and display with these top 10 LEGO Minecraft sets!

10. The Taiga Adventure 21162

Unleash kids’ creativity with Minecraft’s Steve and his golden sword, Skeleton with a bow, and Fox and Wolf figures. There are snow-capped mountains to climb, TNT to blast for ore, red berries to eat, and a roaring campfire to keep warm. It’s time to blast some precious ore in the freezing Taiga region with LEGO Minecraft Taiga Adventure!

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9. The Coral Reef 21164

Gamers can join Minecraft's popular daredevil, Alex, as she dives beneath the Minecraft ocean to search for hidden treasure among the colourful coral reef. The set is packed with imaginative Minecraft features – from the passing puffer fish to the surprise appearance of the treasure chest. And, like all exciting Minecraft stories, there’s a thrilling sword battle with a drowned zombie.

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8. The Panda Nursery 21158

Do you know a Minecraft player who would love to care for the cute panda figures they see in the Minecraft computer game? Well, now they can! The LEGO Minecraft Panda Nursery includes baby pandas, nursery rooftop bed, and lots of bamboo for the pandas to nibble on. Alex is here too holding a delicious-looking toy cake.

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7. The Wool Farm 21153

The LEGO Minecraft Wool Farm features a farm setting with 2 dyed sheep and a baby sheep. Players of the record-breaking video game will love to create their own adventures with the Steve minifigure shearing the sheep, caring for the baby sheep, and building fun structures to decorate the farm. This collectable Minecraft set comes with building instructions for 3 decorative structures and includes additional LEGO bricks for improvised building.

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6. The Pillager Outpost 21159

Re-enact action-packed, hands-on adventures with Minecraft characters – Pillagers and Iron Golem. This cool Minecraft building set for kids contains minifigures of the crossbow-wielding Pillagers that have captured the friendly Iron Golem giant. It will take the heroic Knight figure some amount of skill, ingenuity, and Minecraft know-how to pull off a successful rescue mission.

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5. The Bee Farm 21165

Kids can join the friendly bees as they help the flowers and crops to grow and make honey in the beehive. But they must also fend off a swarm of angry bees, which fly together through the air, whizz round in circles, and fly free to attack the sheep and the frightened villager. Exciting, engaging, and educational, this versatile Bee Farm set includes a winged beekeeper, a villager, 8 busy bees, and other innovative, hands-on features – so the fun can start right away!

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4. The Pig House 21170

Kids will use their Minecraft skills to build the kind of wacky creation they create in the online game – a house shaped like a giant pig. The side of the structure opens to reveal a large room and a lift-off roof that uncovers more room to play. The house is endlessly re-constructable – and the entire headroom detaches to fit elsewhere on the model. Alex, the game’s heroic daredevil, is here to share the fun, while the iconic Creeper is determined to ambush the players. There’s activity outside too, with 2 cute pigs to care for. To add to its Minecraft authenticity, there’s an explosion function that blasts the structure to pieces!

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3. The Redstone Battle 21163

Bring all the fun of the Minecraft Dungeons game into the real world with LEGO Minecraft Redstone Battle set. With posable characters and fun battle scenes, this buildable set gives Minecraft players an action-packed setting for endless hands-on adventures. Kids can create Minecraft stories as they take on the giant Redstone monstrosity and golem while using cool weapons to role-play battles. Adjust the posable Redstone monsters to create ever-changing scenes. There are also lots of fun accessories, such as the loot contained inside the Minecraft piggy bank.

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2. The Trading Post 21167

There are lots of things to engage in that will definitely entertain the kids with the LEGO Minecraft Trading Post set. The leading character, Steve, is working hard to unearth precious resources before visiting the trading booth. But kids must help him contend with a barrage of classic Minecraft challenges. There are llamas on the loose, an explosion, a hostile skeleton to battle, and the trader appears to have nothing to trade! Or does he? Kids must turn the handle to reveal the hidden items.

Grab this set and find out what they are!

1. The "Abandoned" Mine 21166

Kids can join Steve as he attempts to unearth coal, iron and diamond – while under attack from a scary zombie, a creepy spider, and a living slime. Players must lure the hostile creatures to the cave entrance, then use a hand-operated device to bring the high-level gravel to crash down. LEGO Minecraft "Abandoned" Mine brings classic Minecraft action to life as kids help the game’s leading character mine, build, and explore while trying to survive constant attacks by a variety of hostile creatures.

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There are more LEGO Minecraft building sets that will excite any Minecraft gamer. Don’t forget to check them all out!

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