LEGO Masters’ Henry and Cade Reveal Top Picks

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Last May, geeks from all over Australia were glued to their TV as their new favourite television show drew its dramatic yet historical conclusion. Nine Network’s LEGO Masters Australia has crowned Henry Pinto and Cade Franklin as the first winners of the reality show.

Nicknaming themselves #teamdadbod, they knew from the start that their final build was going to be an epic artwork – and they got their inspiration from Greek mythology. The dad duo created an intricately detailed diorama of Poseidon rising above a huge sea wave about to fight against a colossal sea monster.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the decision, Henry and Cade (as what the duo is popularly called now) were able to snatch the championship and got the grand LEGO trophy with a $100,000 prize money.

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#TeamDadBod Knows What Makes a Good Build

Because Henry and Cade have earned the title of champions of LEGO Masters Australia season 1, they can now be called authentic LEGO experts. They have put their artistic tastes to good use by revealing their top choice builds from the recent series.

The list includes their own winning builds and also the fan favourites. Check them out below.

1. Poseidon (Of course, isn’t this their winning build?)

2. Robot Violin

3. Bee Girl’s Evil Lair – The Pollinator

4. Corporate Treehouse

5. Wild West Train

Get to know the secret behind LEGO Masters winners Henry and Cade's creations.

LEGO Masters Australia season 2 is set to be renewed in 2020 and Nine Network has opened its doors for new applicants.

* Credits to Nine Network - Lego Masters Australia

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