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Since its inception in the early years of the 20th century, the Monopoly game continues to be one of the most entertaining tabletop pastimes among friends and families across the world. Many parents encourage their children to play Monopoly, as the game is considered to be an effective yet fun way to teach kids the value of money – how to earn, save, spend, and invest properly. In some ways, Monopoly shows a glimpse of what life could be when they become adults themselves.

Today, this fast-dealing property trading board game has diversified from the original classic into many forms and designs that depict modern day scenarios and pop culture themes. Some of these “newer” Monopoly games have tools and rules than allow (or even require) players to improvise or do something unconventional in order to win or prevent another player from winning – offering more hours of unlimited fun and laughter.

This summer, engage everyone of your housemates in a thrilling game of Monopoly… with a fun twist! If you think the old rules should not apply, then check these out!

1. Monopoly Animal Crossing

In this edition of the Monopoly game, players get to visit islands and collect resources such as bugs, fish, fossils, and fruits. You will sell island resources for Bells, buy decorations, and earn Nook Miles to win. This twist on the classic gameplay features artwork, characters, and themes inspired by Nintendo's Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Try it out now!

2. Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man

Did you play the classic Pac-Man arcade game back in the 1980s? Re-live those favourite moments with this Pac-Man themed Monopoly Arcade board game! In this game, you play for points instead of money. Earn points by buying Levels and playing mini games of Pac-Man on the banking and arcade unit. Insert your plastic arcade coin into the banking and arcade unit to check scores, pay rent, buy, sell, and steal Levels… or play mini games of Pac-Man and more!

Play it with friends now!

3. Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition

There's something strange in the neighbourhood and you got to call the Ghostbusters! This game features artwork, tokens, and themes based on the original Ghostbusters movie. Players will imagine travelling through New York City trying to win Ghostbusting contracts. Team up to battle Slimer, Stay Puft, and other supernatural entities to save the city!

Bust some ghosts now!

4. Monopoly Fortnite Collector's Edition

The Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game isn’t about what players own; it's about how long they can survive. Players get to choose any of their favourite Fortnite characters for their token. The game includes Fortnite property spaces and Health Point chips instead of Monopoly money. It features artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the Fortnite video game.

Play and survive now!

5. Monopoly Spider-Man

Your friendly neighbourhood, Spider-Man, has a chance to become rich! Choose to be Spider-Man or one of his villains. Travel the game board buying, selling, and renting properties – featuring scenes and themes from your favourite Spider-Man movies. Build apartments and put up skyscrapers. Sometimes, the cards will be stacked in your favour; but other times, your draw may cost you your fate. In the end, it’s all about winning and saving (or dooming) the city!

Swing into action now!

6. Monopoly Gold Coast

The world’s most popular board game makes waves with its Gold Coast Edition! Journey through clean mountain air and breathtaking scenery atop Tamborine Mountain, take a stroll around Surfers Paradise, and join treasure hunters at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets. Enjoy fun-?lled adventure at the Gold Coast theme parks and soak up the sun at the world famous golden beaches. Monopoly Gold Coast promises to take you through the city’s youthful spirit and startling beauty!

Begin your trip now!

7. Monopoly Transformers

The epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons makes its way to the Monopoly gameboard! The game includes Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave character tokens – featuring iconic Cybertron locations such as Iacon City, Quintessa, and Junkion. Players build up a supply of Energon cubes and construct Energon bunkers in an epic battle for control of energy-rich locations.

Play now and roll-out!

8. Monopoly My Hero Academia

Bring the very popular My Hero Academia show to life in this custom Monopoly game! The “Go Beyond” and Plus Ultra cards provide fortuitous occasions that can either be advantageous or an obstacle to your standing. Prepare to be taxed by Battle Lost or Ambush, mishaps that will cost you your progress. Consider relying on Endeavor and Backdraft to multiply your effect on the competition.

Join the academy now!

9. Monopoly The Mandalorian S2

This Monopoly edition is inspired by season 2 of The Mandalorian live-action series on Disney Plus. Play as your favourite character from the series: Mandalorian, Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, or Boba Fett. Each character has a special ability depicted on their character card. The game includes Stormtrooper, Dark Trooper, and Moff Gideon enemy tokens that can change the gameplay and lead to battles. If an Imperial enemy gets Grogu, the game is over!

Protect Grogu (The Child) now!

10. Monopoly Elvis Presley Tribute

Re-live the King of Rock’s illustrious career with this stunning new edition of Monopoly featuring all the singles, concerts, and places that defined Elvis Presley’s legacy! Buy up Elvis’ singles and iconic locations, build stands and stadiums, and gather Rock and Roll cards for unexpected prizes and penalties. Whether you remember the King’s celebrated career yourself or you’re just discovering his music for the first time, you only need to roll the dice to immerse yourself in a piece of rock and roll history.

Play now and rock on!

More Monopoly games with a fun twist await you in-store and online. Shop now!

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