Theories and Questions Fans Want Answered in Toy Story 4

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Next week, Toy Story 4 will be shown in theatres and fans all over the world are excited to see this new instalment of the movie series. Whether you are a pop culture enthusiast or a mere lover of toys, we bet that you don’t want to miss out Woody and his audacious friends in their exciting new adventure.

Many thought that Toy Story was only a trilogy and it had ended with Toy Story 3, when Andy said goodbye to Woody and passed the torch to Bonnie as the new caretaker and owner of his toys. No one would have wanted to leave it at that, and we are thrilled that we still get a chance to see another Toy Story movie. Besides, it’s TOY STORY by Disney-Pixar! Awesome!

About a week ago, we posted a poll in social media on the upcoming Toy Story 4 film. We asked, “Have you seen the new Toy Story 4 trailer? What unanswered questions do you have (or plot holes) from the previous movies you want answered in Toy Story 4?”

We got lots of likes and reactions, but not a lot of great Toy Story 4 theories. So we researched the Web to find out what questions, plot holes, and theories fans want answered and resolved in the new Toy Story franchise. Here are the top 5:

1. Is Andy’s mum Emily, Jessie’s original owner?

This fan theory is on top of our list. It has been circulating all over the Internet even before the announcement of Toy Story 4. In Toy Story 2, we saw the heartbreaking story of Jesse whose owner outgrew her and had to give her away. Some fans suggest that this owner, named Emily, was actually Andy’s mum.

Do you think Jessie’s previous owner is Andy’s mum?

2. Why did Bo Peep disappear?

In the trailer of Toy Story 4, we see Bo Peep re-appear and it seems she would have a major role in the film (Woody’s new interest?). But why did she even have to disappear? We did not see her in action in Toy Story 3.

What we know is that, in part 2 of the movie, Molly Davis (Andy’s little sister) is Bo Peep’s new owner. It somehow suggested that Andy gifted her to his sister. Though they were in different rooms, Bo Peep still made efforts to see Woody.

Where do you think Bo Peep went to in Toy Story 3?

3. Why were there no pictures of Andy Sr?

In all the previous Toy Story films, we have never seen the face of Andy’s father. There is a popular fan theory that Andy’s father was Woody’s original owner. Andy Jr found Woody in a box kept somewhere in the house and Woody thought that he was the “original Andy,” given that they had the same name and looked exactly alike (when Andy Sr was still a kid).

Do you think this theory is plausible? Wow!

4. If Buzz Lightyear initially thought he wasn’t a toy, why did he freeze in front of Andy?

All the toys in the movie freeze whenever a human comes close to them. However, in Toy Story (part 1), Buzz Lightyear did not think he was a toy but a space commander in a REAL intergalactic mission. So why did he freeze whenever Andy came into the room, like all the other toys?

Do you think he just gave in to peer pressure?

5. When does the life of a toy start?

Toy Story 4’s trailer teased us a new character – Forky. Forky is a plastic spork made into a toy by Bonnie. We see Fork came to life after Bonnie created him. That brings us to the question: When does a toy start to have life?

The popular belief is that the toys are given life when a child owns them. The thing is, in Toy Story 2, we see a version of Buzz with utility belt (still in a box) came to life, when the original Buzz wanted to “steal” its utility belt.

So when do you think a toy starts to have life: once created or when owned by a child?

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