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Transformers’ Popularity and Where to Buy Transformers Bumblebee Toys for Sale

Transformers fans are looking forward to the upcoming Bumblebee movie, set to release in December 2018. The film will take viewers back in time to the 1980s for a peek into Bumblebee’s earlier adventures. The original Transformers animated show started in 1984 after all, and the movie is expected to embrace that setting. It will offer more of a classic Transformers vibe rather than continue the storyline of the first five movies. The film will focus on the origins of Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot. He will meet a young lady named Charlie Watson while on the run and the two will develop a friendship as Agent Burns closes in on them.

More than meets the eye

It’s no wonder that there is a new Transformers movie coming out and that so many people are excited to see it. Transformers have only gained popularity over the years among kids and adults alike. Interest skyrocketed in the ‘80s and returned with a vengeance in 2007 when Transformers: The Movie was released. There are many reasons kids go crazy for Transformers Bumblebee toys and other great Transformers products and movies.

For one thing, a Transformer is more than just a toy. Instead, it can also become something else – a robot may transform into a car or something else; its parts are moveable and detailed. It’s the perfect channel for imagination and creativity. Kids love spending hours transforming them and experimenting to see what exciting adventures they can devise. They are perfect for solitary or group play, and they teach problem-solving, analysing, and preparing for action. Transformers are a lot like complex puzzles that are super fun and rewarding to solve.

Where to buy Transformers Bumblebee toys

With the new movie coming out later this year, why not surprise your Transformers-loving kid with one of these great Bumblebee Transformer toys offered by Mr Toys? The Bumblebee Voice Changing Mask features a fantastic guitar riff along with five Bumblebee phrases. These great Rescue Bots Flip Racers give kids a chance to launch Bumblebee down the raceway so he can speed off to the rescue. Robots and humans work together to save the day! You can also add the Bumblebee Quick Launch Garage and Airport Blastoff Blades for extra fun.

Would your child like to dress up as Bumblebee for their next costume party? Mr Toys has just the thing – this Bumblebee Deluxe Costume, complete with padded armour, mask, and more. Another great Transformers Bumblebee for sale here is the Robots in Disguise Hyper Change Bumblebee, featuring Hyper Twist for added excitement.

When you’re looking for Bumblebee Transformer toys for sale, you can buy a wide range of your favourite Transformers from Mr Toys. Are you or your child awaiting the new Bumblebee movie with excited anticipation? So are we – but in the meantime, you can fill the void with a cool Transformers Bumblebee toy from Mr Toys. Contact us to learn more.



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