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Welcome to the future world of fashion! Capsule Chix are fashionable android girls who turn heads by turning up the dial on style. The future of fashion is all about being true to yourself and hunting for the rarest of fashion pieces to compliment your individual style. Mix and match pieces to create YOU-NIQUE looks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Here at Mr Toys, we carry a wide variety of Capsule Chix dolls and accessories that will make your head turn. Every design is unique and your child will definitely gloat their eyes in great delight collecting and playing with the latest models of Capsule Chix dolls and their accessories. Let your inner style shine bright and buy Capsule Chix dolls and accessories at Mr Toys today!

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Capsule Chix

Capsule Chix – Built to Be Unique

Capsule Chix is the line of futuristic dolls and accessories from Moose Toys. They are fashionable android girls who will make you turn your head when you turn up the dial on style. You can mix and match the pieces to create your own YOU-NIQUE looks!

Let style surprise you with Capsule Chix, the head-turning cyber stylers who always look you-nique chic Enter the future of fashion where every capsule delivers a fresh new addition to your wardrobe. Mix-and-match pieces to create looks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Let your style run wild and buy Capsule Chix now!

What Products Make Up Capsule Chix?

There are 2 ranges that make up the Capsule Chix line:

  • the Single Pack
  • and the Ultimix Pack

What Are The Contents of the Capsule Chix Single Pack and Ultimix Pack?

The Capsule Chix Single Pack comes in 4 collections:
  • Giga Glam
  • Ram Rock
  • Ctrl+Alt+Magic
  • Sweet Circuits
The Ultimix Pack comes in 1 assortment but includes an exclusive doll from each collection.

Buy your Capsule Chix dolls and accessories here at Mr Toys! There are over 400 pieces to collect and over 4 billion looks to create across Capsule Chix Series 1.



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