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Childhood is such a fun stage of our lives! But what do we remember to be fun to do aside from playing with our toys, running with our friends, and beating our playmates in our favourite games? If your answer is drawing chalk art, then we are on the same page! Now this is something you really want to pass on to your children. Chalk art is so fun to do that no child would ever want to miss the experience. If your child have been longing to get a hold on some chalk and drawing tools, this is your chance to give them what they want. Mr Toys stocks an extensive range of chalk toys, drawing tools, and art kits that kids will enjoy using. Whether its mosaic, sidewalk chalk art, wall graffiti, or some drawings on the blackboard, our colourful chalk toys are here for them to exploit. We carry chalk items from famous brands such as Crayola, Unicorn, Lanard, Jaru, Chalk It Up, and more! We also have boards and erasers to help out with your child’s chalk drawing hobby. Let your child indulge in creative art with Mr Toys’s chalk toys now!

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Don’t Hold Off the Chalk from Your Budding Little Artist

Chalk art is one hobby an artistic child does to pass off the time. It’s not just fun to do; it’s also a productive way for a kid to hone his or her creative and artistic inclinations. To a child, drawing chalk art is not mere playing with the chalk; for them, it is serious work. Child behaviour experts advise parents not to prevent their children from drawing chalk art. It’s their way to have fun while expressing their emotions and using their creative imagination. You can further encourage this artistic hobby by:

  • Praising (or critiquing) their drawings
  • Joining them by drawing chalk art yourself
  • Enrolling them in chalk art workshops
  • Buying them quality chalk and drawing kits.

Lucky for you, Mr Toys is here to provide you with a great stock of colourful chalk and drawing kits from brands renowned for their quality products. From easy-to-use chalk pens to dazzling unicorn chalk kits, your little artist will definitely enjoy creating works of art that will amaze you and make you proud as their parent. Let your child’s imagination run free with Mr Toys colourful range of chalk and art kits now.



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