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CLUEDO, also known as CLUE, is the classic mystery game that asks its players WHO, with WHAT weapon, and WHERE. Each player needs to outwit the others in solving the case. Now, you can enjoy Cludeo in a wide range of games – from the classic to the various models with new stories and thrills. Choose from among our different selections of Cludeo games which include Games of Thrones Cludeo, Big Bang Theory Cluedo, Harry Potter Cludeo, Rick and Morty Cluedo, and more! But if you’re after the Classic Cluedo, we have it here too at Mr Toys! So if you’re the type who loves mystery games, then the Cluedo Game is for you. Buy a Cluedo board game now and invite your family and friends in solving a thrilling mystery today.

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What is the Objective of the Cluedo Game?

In the game, a character has been murdered! The objective of the Cluedo game is to find out who murdered the game's victim, where the crime took place, and which weapon was used. Each player assumes the role of one of the 6 suspects or characters. They will attempt to move around the board strategically using 2 dices while they try to determine the answers to the murder mystery. As they go along with the game play, the circumstances of the murder will little by little come to light. Whoever gets to answer the mystery questions first and correctly wins the game.

Who Are the Characters in the Classic Cluedo?

The original characters in the Classic Cluedo are:

• Miss Scarlet

• Colonel Mustard

• Mrs Peacock

• Reverend Green

• Doctor Orchid

• Professor Plum

Experience the thrill and intrigue! Shop for Cluedo at Mr Toys now and play a game that will excite you and your friends or family in a game where mystery awaits every player.



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