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Although he is widely known for his prolific paintings during the Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci is also a great inventor who created a variety of gadgets and machines that serve as precursors to modern day mechanical systems. Da Vinci, as he is popularly called today, is an artist, inventor, and polymath. Inspire your child to be like Leonardo Da Vinci with his many talents and contributions to humanity. Buy them Da Vinci toys here at Mr Toys Toyworld! Our range includes his famous inventions like the catapult, ballista, self-propelling cart, armoured car, and flying man among many others. Encourage the inventor in your child and let them play with Da Vinci toys from Mr Toys today!

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist, Inventor, and Polymath

Leonardo Da Vinci is a cultural icon who lived during the Renaissance era. As a famed artist, Da Vinci is known for his magnificent paintings such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, including the intriguing drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

However, Da Vinci has also been recognised as an engineer and inventor. His drawings of machines and actual inventions are credited to be the forerunners of the machines and tools we use today. They include the helicopter, parachute, tanks, and drones to name a few. Because of his many talents and contributions in art and engineering, Da Vinci is honoured around the world as one of the greatest polymaths in history.

Do you want your child to be like Leonardo Da Vinci? Start training your child’s blooming talents in art and engineering by giving them Da Vinci toys from Mr Toys. Buy now and begin your child’s journey in making fabulous inventions!



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