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Do you want your child to help with household tasks? A great way to start is to let them pretend-play doing so using realistic and functional models of household cleaning toys. Thanks to Dyson Toys, parents now have a way to teach their children household chores in a fun and exciting manner! Dyson is the foremost brand of vacuum cleaners used by many households, and now they come in realistic toy models that children can play with and enjoy. These brilliant Dyson Toys work just like the real Dyson vacuums! They have working suctions, attachments, and cords that will make you think they are indeed real Dyson equipment – in miniature form. Buy your child Dyson Toys here at Mr Toys Toyworld and let them learn the joy of doing chores at home.

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Dyson Toys by Casdon

Casdon is a toy company known for producing toy replicas that make role-playing more fun and just like the real thing. Included in their line of realistic role-play toys are the famous Dyson Toys that are well loved by both children and parents.

The founders of Casdon believe that their toys need to be fun, but they also have a role to play on how children discover, learn, and develop. Today, the people at Casdon continue to recognise the same principle and they celebrate their founders’ legacy with every new toy they produce.

The Developmental Benefits of Playing with Dyson Toys

Little ones love to role-play and pretend to be doing what grownups do, especially those they see their parents perform inside their house. Dyson Toys are specially made to be true to the design of the real Dyson household cleaning equipment, down to the last detail. Your little helper will really feel that they are part of your world as you do chores together while developing essential life skills.

Among the features that help develop life skills are:

  • Realistic role-play for exploring imagination and developing social skills.
  • Replica design with bright colours for visual stimulation.
  • Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Working suction and cyclone action for understanding cause and effect.
  • Manoeuvrability of toy develops problem solving and motor skills.
  • Independent play encourages exploration and discovery.
  • True-to-life sound for added realism.

Shop for Dyson Toys at Mr Toys now and see how your child will love helping you do household chores every day!



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