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Where to Buy Elmo Toys for Sale in Australia

Ask any toddler or pre-schooler if they know who Elmo is – the answer will be yes. Kids throughout the world love Elmo; there’s just something about him that sets him apart from the other Sesame Street characters. What is it about Elmo that makes little kids fall in love with him? Part of it is the fact that kids see Elmo as… themselves. Elmo is three-and-a-half years old, huggable, smiley, and designed to think, speak, and behave just like a real child. That makes him super relatable – and super popular with the preschool set. Like your toddler or pre-schooler, Elmo is in a highly exploratory stage in his life, delighting in all the new things to learn in his world.

Relatable, funny, and red

Elmo was essentially designed to think, act, and look just like a young child. Even his third-person speech habits reflect the way kids think of themselves first. He speaks slowly with varied pitch to hold children’s attention and help them develop their language skills. This is often the way parents speak to kids to grab a child’s attention and help them learn to pick up on conversational cues.

Elmo learns at about the same rate as a kid, picking up new ideas and words all the time. He has a sense of humour and makes it clear that it’s okay to make a mistake. Children naturally trust Elmo and feel genuine social bonds with him, seeking his advice on everything from what to eat to how to learn a new skill. Elmo sets a healthy example for kids, leading the way when it comes to eating vegetables, taking naps, tying shoes, and many other essential skills and habits. On a simpler level, kids just like the colour red. Primary colours tend to help children feel secure, and after black and white, red is one of the first colours your child can distinguish.

Where to find Elmo toys in Australia

If you’re in the market for Elmo toys, Mr Toys can help. We offer a range of lovable and adorable Elmo toys for your child to love. Everybody adores Tickle Me Elmo and his contagious fits of laughter. Kids can’t resist squeezing and tickling this toy Elmo to make him giggle. He also shakes and wiggles and says funny phrases. Our Puppet Elmo is another excellent way for your child to interact with the fantastic and furry friendly monster. They can use their hands to make Elmo’s mouth move and make him say several phrases. The Sesame Street Fun 2 Learn Elmo can say your child’s name and comes with an app you can use to customise playtime. Fun 2 Learn Elmo can even help your child with activities such as cleaning up and toilet training.

Looking for Elmo for sale? We have him at Mr Toys. You can buy Elmo toys and much more at our online store and our physical locations throughout Queensland. Mr Toys is your go-to source for Elmo toys in Australia.



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