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The Feisty Pets are lovable plush animals that can change the expressions on their faces. They can turn from being cute to terrifyingly funny! It’s a unique way to enjoy a great cuddle time with these feisty little animals – just squeeze the back of their heads and their faces can transform instantly. Have fun turning these pets from cute to feisty and back – over and over again. Feisty Pets are the latest line of fun and innovative toys with a touch of adorability and surprise. So which one do you like most? Choose from our range of Feisty Pet toys and collect each of the animals. We have a dog, cat, monkey, bunny, bear, lion, panda, and so much more! Get them now at Mr Toys and surprise your child today.

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Surprise Your Child with a Feisty Pet Toy

Wise men say that you should not judge a book by its cover. This advice is exactly applicable to the Feisty Pets! They may look cute (and yes, they are indeed cute) but you’ll be surprised how they transform their faces from cute to something that may frighten your heart out – all with shifting eyes and ever sharp teeth. The thing is, that is what makes them even more adorable!

The Feisty Pets’ funny notoriety has spread throughout the Internet on various social media channels. They have become the object of adoration among children including teens, tweens, and even grown-ups. These new innovative plush animals are now the most sought-after and sellable items online. Because of how they are so viral over the Web, the Feisty Pets also have a YouTube series entitled “Feisty Films.”

Although quite new in the toy market, the Feisty Pet line of toys already has many followers and a community of collectors. The manufacturers have also added more facial expressions to the later models such as sarcastic grins and dumb-looking “doofus.”

So you if you are after a more interactive yet surprisingly fun collection of plush animals, then try out the Feisty Pets. Our range offers a variety of animals that includes (but not limited to) cats, dogs, lions, bears, monkeys, guinea pigs, and even unicorns. See them reveal their gloating eyes and sharp teeth as they shift their faces from cute to feisty. They also work for a great prank on a friend. Grab your collection of Feisty Pets now at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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