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Fidgets and sensory toys are toys that offer sensory stimulation to children, particularly for kids with special needs. They help improve a child’s capacity to process and integrate the information their senses are giving them. If you are looking for the right sensory toys and fidgets, shop here at Mr Toys. Fidgets and sensory toys are fun to play with and are greatly useful for calming kids with hyper-active moods. They can aid your child in processing their feelings and in channelling their emotions. They help children develop mindfulness and stress control. Find the best sensory toys and fidgets that will provide much fun and learning for your child. Shop now at Mr Toys!

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Fidget and Sensory Toys

What Are Fidget Toys?

A fidget is a small toy that can be squeezed, pulled, pressed, or twisted – and is usually sized to fit a child’s hand.

Fidget toys are very useful especially when the child is practically “doing nothing” like when they are sitting and waiting for someone, inside the vehicle with the family on a long ride, or waiting for their turn in a long queue.

What Are Sensory Toys?

Sensory toys are playthings for kids, and even adults, that are designed to stimulate one or more of their physical senses. Kids often become impatient when they are doing nothing like when they are sitting or waiting for their parent. Sensory toys allow children to remain calm and give them the necessary “activity” to help them beat boredom.

These toys may include elements to incite the senses of the player such as bright or contrasting colours, common or catchy sounds, axiomatic textures, and others. Sensory toys are also great stress-relievers for adults who are passing the time like when they are waiting at the airport, inside a restaurant, or even at home.

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