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Explore the world of Pontypandy with Fireman Sam and his fire fighter friends with our large selection of Fireman Sam Toys. We have Fireman Sam Jupiter and Ski Juno that let your child role play along with their favourite Fireman Sam teleview episodes. You can get the Fireman Sam Fire Station and give your child the complete Fireman Sam world. Mr Toys has all the action figures and role playing toys your child wants, at prices you will love. We offer home delivery for added convenience. Visit our online store today to save both time and money.

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Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam Toys

Kids toys that tie in with popular TV shows and movies are always fun. These toys come with their own back story, which children can then build on and add to as they play. One popular example of this phenomenon in Australia is Fireman Sam. Fireman Sam toys are now available to help kids continue the fun and fantasy of Fireman Sam's story.

Fireman Sam Background

Fireman Sam started out as a Welsh animated series, which ran from 1985-1994. The brainchild of two former firemen from Kent, England, the show aired in Welsh, Gaelic, and English, and was widely used to promote fire safety.

In the show, Fireman Sam, aka "the hero next door," works with fellow firemen and women to save the townspeople of Pontypandy from fires and accidents. He has many adventures with his niece and nephew, often involving creations he dreams up in his inventing shed. Various townspeople are constantly getting into trouble and needing rescuing, not just from fires but also from predicaments like getting stuck in caves and wishing wells.

Fireman Sam in Australia

Fireman Sam proved so popular that several iterations of the TV series were produced, as well as various movies, stage productions, and even a musical. In 2003, a new series was created that introduced an Australian character, Tom Thomas, who is a rescue pilot flying a helicopter known as Wallaby One. This series contains 26 episodes and ended in 2005. In 2008, another new Fireman Sam series began. This one moved Pontypandy from the interior to the seaside.

Fireman Sam Toys

There are many different Fireman Sam toys available. First you have the typical plastic action figures, as you would expect with any TV series. These action figures can be paired with different play sets, like the Pontypandy fire station or the rescue house set. There are also various fire trucks and rescue vehicles to choose from, with or without moveable rescue ladders and real fire engine sounds. The cuddly plush Fireman Sam doll is also popular.

Dress up sets are also popular for playing Fireman Sam. With the fireman's jacket, helmet, and toy fire extinguisher set, kids can easily play pretend and heroically execute their own fire rescue scenarios, just like Sam does on TV. For extra fun, a fire hose backpack can be added to the costume. This backpack will pump real water so obviously it is best for outdoor play.

Besides official Fireman Sam action figures and play sets, Your will love the large selection of Fireman Sam themed merchandise available from Mr Toys, from backpacks to lunchboxes and Tshirts.

Why Choose Fireman Sam

The Fireman Sam TV shows support themes of unselfishness and community values. They also present various fire safety, first aid, and emergency preparedness tips. Watching the show with your child can be a great way to introduce these important topics and begin to teach them what to do in case of a real emergency in your home. Playing with Fireman Sam toys will only help to reinforce these positive messages and remind your children to always think of safety first.



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