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Fly Wheels toys have the most extreme performance ever! They are one of the fastest wheels around. Rip it up to 200-scale MP. Hit the stunt ramp and jump them up to 30 feet in the air. Jump a car, a truck, a bus, even a real airplane. Each tire has a unique design and tread pattern for different performance on road or off road. Mr Toys provides a good range of Fly Wheels toys and accessories. When you buy Fly Wheels toys, be ready for some grip-ripping fun. Just pull the ripcord on the launcher and watch the wheel fly. If it’s fast and extreme you’re after, you’ll never get disappointed when you play with Fly Wheels – and they’re here at Mr Toys!

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Fly Wheels

Be Ready for the Fly Wheels Challenge

With Fly Wheels, you will leave your car behind! Grab it… Flick it… Rip it… They can run up to 200 MPH! Each Fly Wheels toy has its own specific tread, weight, and size that give it power to roll with speed. You can find the wheel’s performance statistics at the bottom of the package, so kids can select which one among the 16 wheels can perform the tricks they want to pull off.

What Are Some Fly Wheels Performance Types?

Fly Wheels toys can perform in these categories:

  • Off-road
  • Race
  • Moto
…and they can all be used with any Fly Wheels launcher!
Fly Wheels toys offer an exciting opportunity for kids to engage in friendly competition.

They will have fun watching which one of their Fly Wheels can perform the coolest tricks on a race or off-road. Or they can play on their own, challenging themselves with greater stunts while enjoying an extreme show as they watch their Fly Wheels along the way.

Shop for Fly Wheels toys and accessories now and enjoy rolling speed like no other!



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