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It’s a bird… It’s a plane… Not, it’s NOT Superman! It is one of the many flying toys you will find in our online selection. We have all manner of flying toys from helicopters to planes and space shuttles. If your child likes to imagine flying with the birds or going into space, you can buy them these flying toys that will bring them to the moon and beyond through their imagination. Our wide range of flying toys can make you children reach the skies and touch the clouds in their minds. We have radio controlled planes and helicopters for high-flying thrills. Shop online for discounted prices and we will ship directly to your house anywhere in Australia.

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Flying Toys

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Many children dream of becoming pilots. Others want to become astronauts, while not a few see themselves as superheroes with flying abilities. Whatever it is they dream of, it is the art of flying that they aspire to acquire. As children, they can actualise this dream by playing with flying toys.

Buy flying toys for your child from Mr Toys and see how they can make real all the imaginations they see themselves to be, whether as a pilot, astronaut, or flying superhero. The usual flying toys are planes, choppers, space rockets, and gliders. Aside from that, our assortment of flying toys includes action figures of superheroes and robots with flying abilities.Whatever flying toy your child wants, we have it here at Mr Toys Toyworld. Shop online or buy from our our stores and let your child reach the skies and touch the clouds through the joy of flying.



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