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Groot is a sentient alien who has the appearance and abilities of a tree. He branches out of his comfort zone to join the Guardians of the Galaxy and help keep the universe safe. He walks, he talks, except that you only hear him saying “I am Groot!” Yet, Groot is the best “bestfriend” you can have in the whole wide universe. Beyond his immediate circle of friends, Groot will go out of his way to help and defend the downtrodden, especially children, whenever he encounters them in his travels. Have a look at our fabulous range of Groot toys! Our assortment includes action figures, pop vinyls, and other exciting items. Fans of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will definitely gloat their eyes in great delight when they see our marvellous selection of Groot toys here on our website and in our stores across Australia.

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”I Am Groot!”

Those are the only words you can hear from Groot. However, it does not mean that’s exactly what he is saying. The phrase, “I am Groot,” can be translated into a multitude of words, phrases, and sentences.

Groot’s matter composition is like that of Earth’s trees. He has a fully functioning brain and organic system just like any sentient living organism. He has the ability to grow and re-generate his parts anytime he wants. He can form them to appear and function as weapons or tools whenever he needs to. When he wants to console or comfort someone, he can make his parts grow flowers for him to pick and give.

What Can Groot Do during Battle?

Being friendly and compassionate, Groot doesn’t like fighting but he can handle himself well during combat. He will use force whenever necessary particularly if he sees his friends are in danger. Groot can be a ferocious and terrifying monster during a fierce battle.

One of his fantastic and most useful powers is his ability to survive deadly attacks, severe damages, and mortal injuries by re-growing himself from even a small piece of his former body.

Groot’s Unique Powers and Abilities:
  • Branch-to-hand combat skills
  • Re-forming his body parts to serve as weapons or tools
  • Can take massive beating and immediately fight back
  • Re-generation and re-growth.
Shop for Groot toys and figures now and join the Guardians of the Galaxy in battling the forces of evil as they travel the universe.



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