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Having trouble combing and styling your child’s hair? No more worries! Mr Toys is here to help you solve your hair problems. Check out our selection of hair brushes in store for you and your child’s unique hair needs. The hair brush is the perfect tool to remove tangles in your hair. Brushing your hair regularly is the most natural way to smoothen you hair strands. Styling and grooming your hair won’t be easy without a hair brush. So shop for a set of hair brushes here at Mr Toys and begin you hair styling adventures with your child today!

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Hair Brush – The Ever Useful Hair Grooming Tool

The hair brush is a brush with handle used for hair care. People would often use a hair brush instead of a comb to remove tangles from the hair strands, or to smoothen and style one’s hair – particularly for long thick hair.

The Difference of Usage between Comb and Hair Brush

You might think that combing and brushing the hair are just the same thing. But to hair experts, they are totally different.

When to Comb the Hair:
  • Use a comb to untangle your wet hair.
  • Combs are preferable when you have very short hair.
When to Use a Hair Brush:
  • Clean and moisturise your hair with a hair brush.
  • Lessen hair breakage by brushing your hair regularly.
  • Use a hair brush if you’re drying your hair with a blower.
Note: Avoid using a hair brush when your hair is wet. Brushing your hair when it is wet can cause unwanted hair fall.

To shop for awesome hair brush sets for kids, drop by at any Mr Toys Toyworld store or do your shopping here on our website now.



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