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The gorgeous Hatchimals Pixies are finally here! Some new flying friends have finally arrived in Hatchtopia. Meet the Hatchimals Pixies, collectable dolls that hatch to life with your loving touch! They are magical pixies from Hatchtopia that hatch out of their sparkly eggs. Hatchimals Pixies have glittery hair, and they come with accessories so you can dress them up. They also have super-flurry wings! Kids will definitely love them. That’s why we encourage you to browse through this webpage and find that Hatchimals Pixie doll that will match your child’s personality and style. Better yet, why not collect all the Hatchimals Pixies available here at Mr Toys? Shop for Hatchimals Pixies now and hatch some magical eggs that will thrill your heart out today!

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Hatchimals Pixies

Hatchimals Pixies – Who Will You Hatch Today?

Bring home a Hatchimal Pixie and experience special family moments as you and your child hatch an adorable interactive creature from Hatchtopia. Once hatched, raise it from baby to toddler to kid! So who will your child hatch today?

FAQs about Hatchimals Pixies?

Do you need to “crack” the Hatchimals Egg?

Of course you have to crack it – just like how it is with eggs! Hatchimals Pixies need your help to hatch from their eggs (they can’t do it alone). Just don’t eat the eggs!

Do you get to choose the Hatchimals Pixie?

The surprise is the best part of hatching a Hatchimals Pixie. If you get to choose, then there’s no more surprise! There are 4 different Hatchimals eggs, and inside each one, you can get 1 of 2 Pixies.

How do you ensure you won’t get any double?

That’s easy! Just choose a different Hatchimals egg colour to hatch. You may check the back of the package for reference. You can be sure that you’ll get 4 times the guarantee that you won’t get any double.

Where will you find the accessories for your Hatchimals Pixie?

No need to worry! Just check the bottom part inside the egg and you’ll find the mystery bag that contains surprise accessories. So many surprises, so many thrills!

Buy Hatchimals Pixies from Mr Toys and start your happy hatching play experience with your child today!



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