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Welcome to the world of Hey Duggee! Duggee is a big loveable dog who runs a club for preschool children. He inspires kids to have fun, be energetic, and most of all – be productive by doing things. Here at Mr Toys, we host a range of toys such as plushies, figures, and playsets that carry the Hey Duggee theme and story. Bring the characters of Hey Duggee right into your child’s lap with Hey Duggie plushies, figures, and playsets from Mr Toys. Browse through this page and see all the Hey Duggee toys in-store. There are lots of fun things to play and activities to enjoy! Shop for Hey Duggee toys at Mr Toys today!

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Hey Duggee

Meet Duggee and His Friends

Do things and have fun! That’s what you get when you watch the Hey Duggee show. Let’s get to know the characters that make it a wonderful show for kids.

The Hey Duggee Characters

  • Duggee
  • Betty
  • Happy
  • Norrie
  • Roly
  • Tag
  • Enid
  • Frog

Duggee is a friendly brown dog and the leader of the “Squirrels.” He is responsible for organising their activities and making sure everyone’s having fun.

Betty is a purple octopus. She is very clever and likes science and reading books – particularly about science. She’s very talkative and has something to say on any topic.

Happy is a cheerful and clever crocodile who gets very excited about the world around him. He loves being part of Squirrel club and he also loves (of course) water. He is happy by name and happy by nature.

Norrie is a sweet-natured, fun-loving mouse who loves dancing, playing, and having fun. She’s very bright and curious, and doesn’t like to sit still for too long.

Roly is a small hippopotamus with a very loud voice. He is always fizzing with energy and enthusiasm. He loves to shout and be noisy, but sometimes he can also be quiet and gentle.

Tag is a gentle and kind rhinoceros. He is very good at making friends, and loves all of them at Squirrel Club – very much! He’s always in a good mood and wants other people to share the fun he’s having.

Enid is Duggee’s cat who lives in the clubhouse. She occasionally joins the club with whatever the Squirrels are doing. Yet, she prefers to lie down and sleep, or chase a naughty mouse.

Frog lives in the nature pond that was built by Duggee near the clubhouse. Frog loves to be around especially when the Squirrels are trying to earn the latest badge. Ribbit! Ribbit!

Bring Duggee and His Friends to Life

Bring the loveable and cute characters of the Hey Duggee show to life by buying Hey Duggie toys and playsets here at Mr Toys.
Let your child enjoy the fun activities that Duggie and the Squirrels are doing every now and then.



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