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Let your child's imagination run wild with this selection of Inkoos plush toys. Each of these plush toys comes with a complete set of colourful markers that your child can use to decorate their Inkoos toy. The best part is that once they are finished colouring their Inkoos, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine and wash the colours away. This gives your child a clean slate to start all over again. Each Inkoos toy can be coloured time and again, providing hours of colouring fun for kids of all ages. Sets come complete with washable markers.

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Inkoos and Drawing Plush

Inkoos Blingoos and Drawing Plush Inspire Artistic Creativity

Kids enjoy drawing, and in some cases, they are not particular about where or how they do it. They have been known to draw on walls, carpet, their legs and arms, or anywhere else that a marker does not belong. Nevertheless, parents must realize that plain paper can be boring at times. That is where the Inkoos Blingoos and drawing plush come in. You kids will love having a 3D canvas where they can exercise their artistic and creative skills. They may be the next Picasso; you never know!

Save Money With The Inkoos Blingoos And Drawing Plush

The Inkoos Blingoos and drawing plush are silly plush characters that are from a little town known as Inkwell. It is said that Inkoos Blingoos are drawn to life with a little inkspiration from children. Every square inch of these amazing plushies can be drawn and doodled on. When your child has finished creating, you can toss them in the washer to give them a rinse and spin and then your child can start all over again. So, these toys are not your typical once and done type of toy; they can be used over and over again. This makes them a very cost effective investment.

Every character of the Inkoos Blingoos and drawing plush comes with their very own Inkspiration Wheel that will give your child plenty of ideas for design and creativity. Some of the ideas are ballerinas or pirates, and they include three washable markers. There are seven different Inkoos to choose from. They include a cat, bear, or an owl. They are all very squishy and sweet. They allow for many hours of artistic and creative play and save your walls and furniture from your child’s artwork.

The Inkoos Blingoos and drawing plush are made for children who are four years old or older. These are adorable toys that will greatly inspire the creative side of your child’s mind. Let imagination flow and let your child feel free to draw on this wonderful toy. The best part is that it can be washed, and they can do it over and over again.

This type of play pattern is a classic that never goes out of style. The sharp look will appeal to today’s child, which includes older children who enjoy the anime-style and contemporary look of these loveable Inkoos Blingoos and drawing plush characters. All children love to express themselves. They enjoy the ability to customize something that is all their own. They can draw to their hearts’ content on their very own plush toy. There are so many artistic and creative possibilities that can be found with this amazing toy.

Your child will never be bored again! They can draw and play for hours of fun and enjoyment. Some models even feature glow-in-the-dark capability, which means they can brighten up your child’s room at night! Kids will love them and parents will too.




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