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Fans of Marvel’s Avengers are in for many hours of great imaginative play with Mr Toys’ wide array of Iron Man toys, games, and playsets. Your child will gloat their eyes in awe and delight once they see our assortment of Iron Man sets. Our range includes action figures, costumes, masks, and LEGO building sets. Join Iron Man in his heroic quests, thwart the plans of evil doers, and protect the Earth from alien invaders. Iron Man is a favourite hero among Marvel followers and kids alike. Let your child enjoy pretend-playing as Iron Man, and start your collection of Iron Man toys, games, and playsets from Mr Toys now.

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Iron Man Toys

Who Is Iron Man?

Tony Stark is a genius billionaire and philanthropist whose reputation is matched only by his high-flying abilities as the Marvel superhero, Iron Man. He uses his brilliant mind to forge a suit of armour filled with high-tech gadgets and weaponry to enable him to fight against villains that would dare create chaos in New York City and, in some occasions, the rest of the world as a member of the Avengers.

Does Iron Man Have Only One Suit?

Having created a marvellous suit of armour to keep himself alive, Tony has revised and re-created several versions of what is now known as the Iron Man suit. Each version has its own unique capabilities designed for some special purposes, and adaptability to certain threats. One example is the Hulk Buster – the Iron Man suit that allows Tony to tame and contend with the Hulk if and when the latter gets uncontrollably rogue.

Kids Love to Pretend-Play as Their Favourite Hero, Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the most popular superhero in our generation, and kids can get enough role-playing and imagining themselves as Iron Man. If your child is one of those who love this armoured superhero, then you will definitely enjoy shopping with our fantastic range of Iron Man action figures, games, and playsets – including LEGO building sets. An Iron Man toy is a must-have gift for any Marvel fan celebrating their birthday.

If it’s Iron Man you’re after, Mr Toys has the best choices of Iron Man toys. Shop now and make your little Iron Man happy today!



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