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Karaoke, from the Japanese kara which means empty and okesutura which means orchestra, is a popular entertainment system which lets people sing through a microphone while the music accompaniment plays in the background. It’s like bringing a concert scene inside your home with you as the star singer! Children too can enjoy the pleasure of performing in their very own concerts with Mr Toys’ range of karaoke toys for kids. We have child-friendly microphones and musical sets that will make your child the concert king or queen of the family. Choose their favourite songs and watch them perform like a famous pop artist. With Mr Toys’ karaoke toys, your family is going to enjoy singing like never before!

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Benefits of Singing with Karaoke

Singing is a great pastime for everyone – not just for the musically talented. For those who want to sing in the comfort of their homes or who dream about being a concert artist someday, the karaoke is a great tool to practice. Yet, an outlet to sing is not the only benefit you get from the karaoke.

  • Karaoke time is a wonderful opportunity to bond with the family and friends.
  • Singing with a karaoke is good stress reliever and a great tool to express one’s emotions.
  • Many people use the karaoke to showcase their hidden talent for music.
  • Singing a song many times over allows you to improve you memory.
  • Karaoke singing improves your self-confidence, especially if done in front of an audience.

For kids, the karaoke is an awesome way to introduce the new and young singer in the family. Buy your child a karaoke toy and watch your little singer bloom like their favourite pop artist. Shop now at Mr Toys Toyworld!



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