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Children age 8 to 11 are moving up to a phase when their need for toys and games becomes more sophisticated. This is the stage when they are refining their interests; it is when they start to show off their initial talents. Eight to 11 year old kids will play with more elaborate toys and imagine more fantastical role-play. Fortunately, Mr Toys Toyworld provides the best toys appropriate for such age range. We have craft sets, dolls, action figures, challenging games and remote controlled vehicles that will definitely catch the interest of your 8-11 year old child. Bring a smile to their face and buy them toys for ages 8-11, available here at Mr Toys - Australia's #1 Toys and LEGO Store!.

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Kids Toys for 8 - 11 Year Olds

Toys Recommended - 8-11 Years

At this stage, choosing toys for kids 8 to 11 years old boys and girls can be difficult as they are moving into a phase where they want more advanced games and toys in line to their interests and skills. This age group likes higher-level, more complex and imaginative play that includes dolls and dollhouses and action figures. They love to role-play and imagining themselves travelling through time, play with magical creatures. Also, they're engaged with robots and electronic pets and like to stroll around with bikes, scooters, and skateboards. They're even more excited in interactive play, like playing board games. Here at Mr Toys, we offer a wide range of toys, games, craft and hobbies for this maturing age group.



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