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Lalaoopsy dolls are whimsical little dolls that magically came to life. After their last stitch was sewn, the fabric used to make them gave them their own personality and life. Each doll lives in Lalaoopsy Land, which your child can visit online. Our selection of Lalaoopsy dolls and toys includes Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls, as well as an assortment of accessories. You can choose Lala for your baby girl's little hands. Lalaoopsy Dolls are Sew Magical and Sew Cute; your child won't be able to resist. Shop on line today for discounted prices on Lalaloopsy dolls and toys.

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Lalaoopsy Dolls Meet the Requirements of a Great Toy

A good parent has to know the important qualities to look for in a toy for their child. First and foremost, you want a toy that your child will enjoy. Secondly, you want to ensure that the toy is appropriate for your child’s age group. You also want to make sure that the toy is safe for your child to play with. This means no toxic materials were used in the manufacturing of the product and none of the pieces can be choked on by little ones. If you can manage, you also want a toy for your child that is educational in some way. But that doesn’t just mean teaching 123’s and ABC’s. Some toys can teach special life lessons, like Lalaoopsy dolls.

The Lalaoopsy toy line was created in 2010 under the name “Bitty Buttons”. The brand is centred on a collection of ragdolls which are meant to show children that everyone is different and unique, but we are all special. They also teach children that just because something is old (or has the appearance of being old), it should not be discounted as something not worth using. Children are receiving important lessons about being environmentally responsible at a young age in a way that they can understand. If you are passionate about the subject, then these dolls may be perfect for your child. In addition to being educational, these toys are also incredibly fun to play with, one hundred percent safe, and great for little girls of almost any age.

Lalaloopsy Collectible Rag Doll Sets

Lalaloopsy is a line of rag dolls and accessory sets from the American toy company, MGA Entertainment. Originally sold as Bitsy Buttons in Australia, Each doll in the Lalaloopsy franchise was created following a specific theme. Each of these themes reflects the day the doll character was fictionally born, the fabric she is sewn from, and the type of pet she owns. Pillow Featherbed is a rag doll created from a baby's blanket. She is said to be born on January 3rd, which is the Festival of Sleep Day, and her pet is a sheep. By 2012 (two years after the launch of the company) there were over 50 characters in the Loopsy world. New characters are still being created regularly.

These unique rag dolls reached their current merchandising peak when the creators of the brand forged a movie (and eventual television series) deal with the American Television Network, Nickelodeon. The new television series features the rag doll characters in “Lalaloopsy Land,” learning daily lessons about resilience, creative problem solving, empathy, and perspective. Characters will not appear on the television series before being introduced as a rag doll first.

Lalaloopsy dolls are designed in a way that teaches children everyone is loveable in their own unique natures. The dolls promote the recycling of usable materials and creative reconstruction. This line of dolls and various other merchandise has won a People's Play Award in the "Large Doll" category, and has been referenced as being the new generation of Tickle Me Elmo dolls. Loopsy doll sets are sold at Mr Toys’ stores and on their website.




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