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If you are searching for something to pry kids away from smartphones and video game consoles and get them more physically active, then Laser X are the toys you may want to buy for them. Laser X brings the excitement of your children’s favourite video games out of the console and into the real world. It’s a real-life laser gaming experience! Laser X toys encourage kids to play outdoors and stay active with friends in a wholesome and action-packed play experience. Children will love playing with friends rounding up their opponents as they claim victory over their laser battles. It’s the ultimate high-tech game of tag! Laser X is available for your shopping pleasure here at Mr Toys Toyworld!

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Laser X

Laser X – Real Life Infrared Gaming Experience

Experience the pleasure of video games in real life with the ultimate high-tech game of tag, Laser X! Laser X toys can be played day or night, inside and outside, and by an unlimited number of players. It allows flexibility for various team challenges and can be played with a host of rogue laser battles.

You can assign yourselves into teams – Blue Team, Red Team, or go rogue and blast anyone that gets in the way. The Laser X blaster can shoot at a pinpoint accuracy of up to 60 metres away. The blasters come in double pack which has everything you need for a thrilling tag game.

Turn your backyard into a laser battle arena and morph yourselves into Laser X warriors with our range of Laser X blaster toys! You can choose from a variety of models such as the Original Laser X Blaster, Long Range Blaster, Micro Blaster, Fusion Blaster, and the Morph Blaster. All blasters are compatible and all gear works together.

Grab them now at Mr Toys Toyworld and let your child enjoy a great laser tag game with his friends and playmates!



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