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The LAVA Lamp is a brand of decorative lamps, invented by British entrepreneur Edward Craven Walker in 1963. LAVA Lamps are designed in a variety of styles and colours, and are continually keeping up with new trends and technology while always making sure quality is second to none. So whether you are 10 or 60 years young, there is a LAVA lamp to help you set the mood for your life! We carry an amazing range of LAVA Lamps and other novelty lights that will illuminate your mood, mind, and space. Let there be light into your life by shopping for LAVA Lamps and novelty lights here at Mr Toys. No darkness can ever beat the light!

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Lava Lamps and Novelty Lights

How LAVA Lamps Work

The composition and principle of how the LAVA lamp works remains the same today as when it was originally invented by Edward Craven Walker in the 1960s. The blobs that give the LAVA lamp its iconic look are made of wax that it is melted by the light bulb in the base of the lamp. As the wax heats up, it becomes lighter than the water it’s suspended in, making it float to the top of the globe.

As it gets farther away from the light bulb, the wax begins to cool and becomes denser than the water, causing it to sink back toward the light bulb. This creates a loop of heating and cooling that gives the LAVA lamp its iconic mix of glowing and flowing.

It’s a simple but awe-inspiring light mechanism that has stood the test of time to become one of the most unique home lighting equipment ever.

The Secret of the LAVA Lamp

The exact ingredients of the “lava” inside the LAVA Lamp is a secret. What we know is that it’s a special blend of wax suspended in a special liquid mixture that helps enhance the flowing motion of the lava.
Different Sizes of LAVA Lamps:
  • LAVA Lamp Accent – 11.5”
  • LAVA Lamp Classic – 14.5”
  • LAVA Lamp Designer – 17.0”
  • LAVA Lamp Premier – 16.3”
  • LAVA Lamp Grande – 27.0”

Illuminate your mood, and buy LAVA Lamps and other novelty lights. Visit a Mr Toys retail store today!