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Surprise your little one each day as Christmas approaches! LEGO Advent Calendars are seasonal building sets released by LEGO a few months before Christmas time. It’s LEGO’s way to ramp up the festivities of the coming Holiday Season. Fans of LEGO throughout the world await the yearly launch of LEGO Advent Calendars, as it contains 24 surprise models that you need to uncover each day starting 1st of December until Christmas Eve. Advent Calendar sets represent various themes from popular LEGO series such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, LEGO City, and LEGO Friends just to name a few. Every year, new themes are announced and teased out, that’s why LEGO fans are all-ears when it comes to LEGO Advent Calendars. Browse through this page and see the recently launched LEGO Advent Calendars including the ones released from the previous years.

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LEGO Advent Calendars

LEGO Advent Calendars – LEGO’s Way of Ushering in the Christmas Holidays

THE LEGO Advent Calendar got its name from the Season of Advent observed in Christendom as the period of “expectant waiting” and preparation for Christmas Day (the celebration of Christ’s nativity). In some countries in Europe like in Denmark and Germany, there is a tradition of presenting a scene from the Nativity Story using a flip calendar while giving small gifts to children each day from the first of December up to Christmas Eve. LEGO adapted the practice and introduced their very first LEGO Advent Calendar in 1998.

The LEGO Advent Calendar Selections

Each Advent Calendar set consists of 24 surprise toy models – and the idea is that one surprise model will be unpacked one day at a time starting December 1 to 24, the eve before Christmas Day. LEGO Advent Calendars are based from popular LEGO sets; they can range from Star Wars, Harry Potter, LEGO City, and LEGO Friends – and different themes are produced every year.

Ring in the holiday season with fun and excitement by owning a LEGO Advent Calendar set. There are 24 different buildable presents, one for each day until Christmas Day. Enjoy a surprising Christmas season by grabbing a LEGO Advent Calendar set today!



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