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LEGO Elves building sets from Mr. Toys let you open the door to imagination! Kids can enjoy hours of creative play with our huge selection of LEGO Elves. Birthday and holiday celebrations become extra special when you surprise your favourite kids with their favourite toys! We have a large variety of popular games and toys to help kids develop their imaginations and LEGO Elves are among the coolest. Farran and the Crystal Hollow, Treetop Hideaway, Azari and the Magical Bakery, and Aira’s Creative Workshop are just a few of these super fun play sets which come with lots of cool accessories and interactive parts.

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LEGO - Elves

Buy LEGO Elves Toys for Sale Online in Australia

There is a wonderful, magical world awaiting your child: the world of Lego elves toys! The world is Elvendale, full of mystery and intrigue. The elves who live there are full of magic, fun, and friendship. They work together to combine their magic and their problem-solving skills to go on quests, conquering the bad guys and saving dragons, humans, and elves from the dastardly goblins.

The adventure began when an amulet sent Emily Jones, an average girl, through a portal into the magical realm of Elvendale. She quickly makes friends who go on an epic journey to bring her back to the world of humans. Along the way, they go on fabulous adventures, fight memorable battles, and enjoy their time together.

Emily’s adventures are the storyline for Lego elves toys. When you buy Lego elves, you give your child the gift of expanding their playtime to include this enchanting world.

Lego Elves for Sale Online in Australia

The amazing world of Elvendale is full of magical creatures, like the water dragon. This dragon can take humans on its back for a pleasant ride around the land. Another preferred mode of travel for humans and the elves is the Airship. You can buy Lego elves toys that help bring Elvendale to life. To begin an exceptional Lego Elves toy set, start to buy Lego elves toys that represent the good guys.

No Lego Elves toy set is complete without the bad guys. Be sure to buy Lego elves toys that are villains to add some drama to your child’s collection. The dark forces of the goblin village make it a sinister place. Your child can construct the goblin’s houses, and the goblins themselves, to fight with Emily and the dragons. One of the biggest villains is the Goblin King, who uses his evil dragon to fly around and capture innocent elves and humans. He is a fierce foe who must be stopped!

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There is a variety of Lego elves toys for sale, and it can be hard knowing which toy is the best. Going to a physical toy store is fine, but shopping for Lego elves toys online makes it much easier to buy the right product. You can read through merchandise descriptions that explain in detail the toy’s purpose and what particular toys each box contains You can also read product reviews from other parents who purchased the same toy, helping you know which toys kids do and do not like. With Mr Toys, you can buy Lego elves toys in Australia knowing they can be shipped anywhere in the country. We gather a large selection of toys for our site, often selling them cheaper than you can find in a physical store.



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