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If your children can't get enough of the LEGO Movie and want to re-enact the scenes with their favourite characters, now they can do so with the LEGO Movie collection. With over a dozen options, each set comes with all the pieces needed to make a series of iconic vehicles and settings as seen on the film. Constructing the pieces is just half the fun; you'll also get the LEGO Minifigures of the characters from the movie, letting your little hero to save the day again and again. Whether they're flying around with the Getaway Glider or venturing through Cloud Cuckoo Palace, playtime is always an adventure with the LEGO Movie range of toys.

Relive the thrills of the LEGO Movie with this exciting range of playsets. Browse through this page and see our extensive collection. If you prefer the traditional shopping method, find a store near you and come check our impressive range today. LEGO Movie toys are recommended for children aged 6 and above.

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LEGO Movie

Relive the Adventures of Emmet and His Friends with LEGO Movie Playsets

Did you enjoy the LEGO Movie? Has your child gotten over it? If you have become a LEGO fanatic because of it, don’t fret – you are not alone.

The LEGO Movie is a balance between witty adult self-awareness and goofy childlike fun. It frantically mixes our perceptions and nostalgia of iconic characters and tropes from pop culture. With genuinely hilarious lines and good sight gags, the movie was able to deliver a light-hearted yet thrilling adventure story. So if you want to relive the thrills of the LEGO Movie, then it's time to unbox the LEGO Movie playsets.

Love the Characters of LEGO Movie? Collect Them All via LEGO Movie Minifigures

There is no doubt about the great appeal of the LEGO Movie Minifigures. These minifigures will make every child happy, allowing them to relive the thrilling scenes of their favourite LEGO Movie characters. If you are a LEGO hobbyist, the LEGO Movie Minifigures are also great additions to your collection.

Choose from our huge assortment of LEGO Movie toys, and enjoy reliving the thrilling adventures of Emmet, Wildstyle, and friends. "Everything is awesome" when you collect them all at Mr Toys.



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