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There is a world far off into the future when medieval themes and storylines re-emerge. It is a world where knights work together with digital wizards to protect the land from evil monsters – a world full of magic, wonder, and imagination. It is the world of Knightonia! LEGO created the TV show and franchise called LEGO Nexo Knights, the new LEGO theme set that offers children the fun and thrill of living in medieval times with the engagement of futuristic technology. A unique combination of 2 worlds, the LEGO Nexo Knights will captivate the attention of kids from all age groups. LEGO Nexo Knights follows the adventures of Clay, Aaron, Lance, Princess Macy, and Axl as they work together to keep Knightonia safe from the many enemies it faces. Get your LEGO Nexo Knights theme set at Mr Toys today.

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LEGO Nexo Knights

Give the Gift of a New World to Your Child by Buying Them LEGO Nexo Knights

There are lots of options to choose from when you decide to buy LEGO Nexo Knights. Each Nexo Knight has at least one unique weapon or fighting machine. Clay operates a vicious Falcon Fighter that can soar up into the air and shoot missiles. Lance drives the Twin Jouster, a vehicle that gives tribute to the famous sport during the Middle Ages – it uses 2 drills to attack walls and ramparts. They are just 2 examples of awesome Nexo Knights with their fighting machines.

In addition to the hero knights, you can also buy the villains. The Beast Master’s Chaos Chariot is one of their formidable foes. It is armed with flame throwers and inhabited by chomping monsters. It’s certainly a threat to the citizens of Knightopia!

The LEGO Nexo Knights playsets are suited for children aged 8 and above. Some of the parts can be a bit complicated for younger children to manipulate, so it is more appropriate for older children with more LEGO building experience.

Mr Toys Has All the LEGO Nexo Knights Sets You Need

There are a number of important pieces in a LEGO Nexo Knights collection. It can be time-consuming driving all around to different toy stores searching for the right ones. It is likely that your child knows the theme set they want for their birthday or Christmas present. Get them to tell you the name, and you can find the right LEGO Nexo Knights set here at Mr Toys.

If you order online, we will deliver your purchased item directly to your house anywhere in Australia. Pick the perfect LEGO Nexo Knights set for your child’s present today!



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