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Kids, Marvel fans, and LEGO enthusiasts will be thrilled to have their spider sense tingling once they grab a set from the LEGO Spider-Man range. Be ready to fight villains together with your favourite Marvel superhero, Spider-Man! Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is going places. Help Peter Parker live his life like a normal teenager. But let’s admit it – more trouble for Spidey means more fun for his fans and followers. With new friends, foes, battles, and scenes, expect to have new builds, role-play scenarios, and imaginative adventures inside every LEGO Spider-Man building set. Shop for LEGO Spider-Man now and experience how Spider-Man deals with the famous saying, “With great power comes great responsibility!” Show More

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Who is Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man?

Peter Parker is an orphaned schoolboy who lives with his Aunt May. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, he acquired amazing spider-like abilities. As Spider-Man, he uses these powers to help others – while struggling with more familiar teenage issues as his ordinary self.

With lasting respect for the high-tech heroics of Iron Man (Tony Stark), Spider-Man developed a friendship with the billionaire inventor – though the teenager’s rebellious nature sometimes causes friction between the pair. Spider-Man makes periodic appearances with his fellow superheroes, but he prefers to fight crime solo on the streets of his own neighbourhood. Here he encounters a number of supervillains and thugs.

What are Spider-Man’s Powers?

Spider-Man’s powers include:

  • super spider strength
  • super spider endurance
  • an ability to leap around with spider agility and grip to almost any surface.

With his wrist-worn web-shooters, Spider-Man can fire out synthetic, high-strength web. He uses it to swing from building to building, immobilise his opponents, and rescue people.

Kids and Fans Can Now Join Spidey in His Battle against Crime with LEGO Spider-Man
Build and re-imagine Spider-Man with LEGO bricks and minifigures. Let Spider-Man bring out the hero in your child by giving them LEGO Spider-Man sets today! Shop online or drop by a Mr Toys Toyworld near you.



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